Midweek Service (Revival Week, Day 2) – “Where is the Power?” by Ps. Shadrack Addo Arnan

By way of introduction, the man of God spoke on the scripture 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 on the second day of the revival. The man of God, Pastor Shadrach Addo Arnan changed the theme for the second day of revival  from “Endued with Power” to Where is the power?”.

Luke 24:49, John 14:12 were the main scriptures under consideration.

God through creation revealed Himself to mankind through the demonstration of power, he said. For Him to call the earth to being, to create the seas and the land is a demonstration of His power. Even in the times He revealed Himself to His people, it was through demonstrating His power and His might. The story of Moses epitomizes the power and strength of God. He demonstrated His power to Moses by parting the red sea,causing his mantle which turned into a snake to swallow up the snakes of the sorcerers of Egypt. To Elisha, the power was in his mantle, he said.The man of God stressed on the idea that in our generation, we need power demonstrators. God always creates conditions so the demonstrators can show forth their power. A story is told of a young man who loved the work of God so much that he borrowed an axe to work in the fields for God, but it fell in the river as he tilled the land.The man destruct, did not know what to do. Elijah appeared on the scene to recover the axe from the river with just a leaf.  Jesus, the man of God said was accredited with the title, ” the man who does  signs and wonders”

The man of God reminded the church of God of the story of Jesus and Lazarus. Jesus never left to go see Lazarus immediately when He was told he was dead, but waited a few days before He set off to see a “sleeping” Lazarus, who he commanded to wake up.

This man Jesus told His people that it is expedient that he departs from them. Not all the people He asked to tarry tarried, but the 120 who did, greater things did they do. One person was able to preach to win 3000 souls for the lord.

Gifts can be imparted but the demonstration of that gift depends on the relationship the one who is imparted has with God. The demonstration depends on the level of the individual’s anointing.

God bless His Word.


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