Midweek Service (Revival Week, Day 1) – “Endued With Power” by Ps. Shadrack Addo Arnan

The Church of God was privileged to receive the ministration of Pastor Shadrach Addo Arnan, resident Pastor of the Kotei Worship Centre. The message was short but hit the message right on. The Bible quotations under consideration were Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-8. The theme for the revival Wednesday was, “Endued with Power”.The man of God spoke about how the people of that generation were more interested in the Kingdom than the power. They were a generation of the Kingdom than power. Before Jesus departed Jerusalem, He asked that they wait to be endued with power. Before He commissioned them, He had to make them wait for the power they needed to do good.

The man of God gave an insightful quotation before the church of God zoomed into prayer and an encounter with God. He said that, ” the power in you is not in the shouts, but in the amount of God in you”. Prayers were lifted up, yokes were broken and women and men of God were endued with the power of God.


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