Midweek Service – “Revival of Yesterday” by Elder Yaw Danquah

“When the Revival comes upon you, automatically, you shall be called to do God’s will”

On Wednesday, 30th October 2017, the church was ministered unto by Elder Yaw Danquah, a former vice president of PENSA KNUST . The topic for the day was “Revival Of Yesterday”. The main scripture reference was from Psalm 44:1-8.

“Revival is an instance of the power of God becoming active and important again in the Christendom or The reawakening of the power of God in the believer”. When believers are revived, there is an ignition when they come together in God’s name – he added.

Taking another scripture reference from Exodus 12. He made known to the church, how Israel was revived after so many years of slavery. Their Joy was taken away because of their disobedience. They became a reproach to all nation, helpless and hopeless but God revived and delivered his people their menace when they cried  unto Him.

From Exodus 12:31 we got to realize that the Egyptians themselves urged the Israelis to leave with their herds and that they will give unto them anything they need. God led them in their journey and helped them conquer all obstacles. God is leading you, do not be afraid. The motive of every Revival is that the glory of God is revealed – the speaker surmised.

According to Elder Danquah, revival and evangelism goes hand in hand. The Lord saved you so you can preach to others and reveal his glory to other nations. It is a mandate of every Christian.

The preacher made mention of personalities like Gideon, Deborah, Ezekiel, Esther, Samuel, who sought after God at a tender age and  David, who’s motive was to encounter God. He urged the church to have an encounter with God always, especially through our quiet time and to carry the passion of God just as these personalities did.

Why The Church Needs Revival

  • The church seems helpless, hopeless, and powerless. Revival rekindles the church.
  • People carry heavy hearts and spirits. Revival brings renewed Joy to them.
  • The devil has enslaved a number of people by championing his course.
  • People wander around like a sheep without a shepherd.
  • People are starved and poor concerning the spirit of God.
  • A number of people are prisoners of the devil, they have been oppressed, depressed and suppressed.

It is through the Revival of the church and evangelism that such people are saved.

Revival is not

  • When you have a noisy tongue without having your quiet time.
  • When you wait for a bell before coming to church. Don’t wait for the heads of the church to call you before you come to church.
  • When you look up to the leadership before engaging in evangelism
  • When you have ultramodern facilities. Without the breath of God they’re futile.

Levels Of Revival

The first level is Exousia – the anointing that gives us the power to become children of God. Every Christian has it.

The second,  – The power of resurrection(Romans 8:11). It makes us surrender to Christ when you experience this level of revival.

The third is Dunamis – This makes you mad and  thirst for the things of the Lord. It clothes you with power and makes you breakthrough every endeavour.

Ways Individuals Can Be Revived

  • We must be hungry and thirsty for the Lord.
  • We must have a sincere fellowship with the brethren.

The church in the old testament was not enough to fulfil the revival (Matthew 3:11). Christ died for this purpose (Acts 10:38, 2:8). His death must not be in vain.

May God reveal his glory through His revival in us. Amen.


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