Midweek Service – “Rejoice, The Lord Is Faithful” by Mr. Isaac Buabeng

As Dramapraise 2017 is fast approaching, it was no surprise when Mr. Isaac Buabeng, popularly known as “IBA” , a former Music and Drama Director for the 2014/2015 spiritual and academic year  delivered a sermon on the topic Rejoice, the Lord is faithful, which also happens  to be the main  theme for Dramapraise 2017. His bible references were from

  • 1 Timothy 1:12-17
  • Hosea 2:19-23
  • Deuteronomy 7:9
  • Psalm 111:7

After leading the church into an effectual  song ministration “Wo ne tete Nyankopon”  he illustrated on the sermon “The faithfulness of  God”. He made known to the church that one way God shows to us his faithfulness is through salvation. If not for God’s redemption , we wouldn’t be enjoying His faithfulness. God was faithful to you even before you came to Christ and He is faithful after that . Even when we are faithless, God is still faithful to us. He was wounded for our sake and bore all our sins on the cross. The gift of salvation portrays God’s faithfulness.

Minister  Buabeng, drew our attention to the fact that God cannot lie and this is because of two immutable things:

  1. His word
  2. Himself

He also surmised that faithfulness is God’s nature. Faithfulness is God’s determined loyalty to His people. He used Abraham as an example stating that God proved his faithfulness to Abraham by going into covenant with him. God cannot lie, it is impossible for Him to lie. He didn’t lie to Abraham. In due time, the promise he made was fulfilled (Hebrews :6:9-16). Abraham gave glory to God even in his darkest moments. Giving glory to God shows how thankful we are for his faithfulness to us.

God can meet you at any point of your way. His faithfulness is to His promise and not our ability. This year we are rejoicing because the Lord is faithful. These were his concluding statements.


God bless his word.


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