Midweek Service – “Reformation In The House” by Elder Yaw Quagraine

Matthew 21:12-14, Rev 3:14-22, Luke 15:11-32, James 1:17 and 18 were the scriptures under consideration.

What reformation seeks to do is to recover, to deliver and thus  a form of salvation. The word “re” is a Latin word that is borrowed in our English times, meaning with reference to something previous.

The main purpose of the Godhead is to produce people like themselves. His intention is to produce just as He is and He can only make that intention happen by begotting, the speaker explained. He had to give birth to us again and to do that we needed to be regenerated.

We produce God in His form, His likeness and His light. The gospel from Matthew to John only speaks of Christ. In the gospel, man is missing and Christ is profound.Our identity is that we have become a kind of first fruit of His creatures. First fruits are people who are dedicated and consecrated to God. To become a first fruit is to become special to God. The reason the Bible calls us a kind of first fruit is that we are more excellent than the Israelites, he mentioned. There is no generation that can be like us. The present state of the church is that we have been dedicated to God. We are for God and God only. Hallelujah!

The man of God then traveled to the book of Revelations to show the church the similarities between the Laodicean church and the church of today.

Revelations 3:14-22

Laodicea is the 7th church in the last days. The  Laodicean church was very busy with money. That area was a place of banking and trading. There is only one reason why this age and the world we live in qualifies as a Laodicean. Fashion, money and entertainment rules the world we  live in now. We are concerned with sports and entertainment rather than fellowshiping together as a body in Christ.

May God Bless His Word!!.

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