Midweek Service – “My sister, my love, my dove, my perfect one” by Dr. Yaa Asantewaa Osei

One of the most controversial issues when it comes to Christian youth is relationship, mostly there are issues as to when to start dating, whom to date and most importantly how to balance our Christian faith with our relationships.

So on the 15th of November 2018 at Queens hall dinning hall the mood was all set for the ministration which was to be presented by an Alumni of KNUST, a past executive of PENSA-KNUST and a current lecturer of KNUST on the theme “my sister, my love, my dove my perfect one”. Scripture reference was from Songs of Solomon 5:1-2

The speaker started off by talking about the will of God for our lives which involved marriage since even from the beginning of creation God created all things in pairs and thought it expedient to create Eve for Adam. Below are highlights of topics she elaborated on;

Relationship: Basically relationship according to the speaker is the connection between two things. So relationship is the connection that exists between a man and a woman. It is progressive based on the type, nature and what is expected from it. The success of every relationship is based on the foundation which is friendship- she added.


Friendship is your ability to connect with each other on mutual grounds where as Siblinghood Is when you are able to relate to each other as siblings though there is no blood relation. You care for the person and its not by choice. She also surmised that tagging yourself as lovers  you have explored the deeper aspect of your relationship. This according to Mrs. Osei is serious business.


  1. Selectivity: Be ready to let go of those you have no mutual connection with. Prov. 22:24
  2. Proximity: Distance is very important in relationships. Its advisable to keep friends very close, since friendship is interdependence on each other. Prov. 12:28
  3. Boundaries: Know your limit in friendship and do not go beyond it. Reason for a friendship determines its boundary.
  4. Mutuality: There must be Things to agree on as friends you must be able to share interests, ideas, challenges etc.
  5. Respect: be grateful for the friendship. Don’t feel the other party is privileged to have you as a friend it should rather be vice versa. Prov.11:12
  6. Honesty: Never lie to keep a friendship but rather Praise where necessary and rebuke likewise.
  7. Forgiveness: letting go of any bitterness


After establishing the foundation for a good relationship, the speaker went on to talk about the dating aspect. This is the period when one is certain of whom among his friends he wants to go to the next level with. The first thing is to end all casual relationships to prevent any confusion among other friends by letting them know that you have already made a decision.


  1. Through acquaintance
  2. Through Spiritual appointment
  3. Through general perceptions
  4. Through instinctive recognition using our internal faculty of discernment: This according to the speaker is the most practical and surest means of identification. This is when one feels in his heart that a particular person is the one for him. At this stage love is very biased and won’t compromise.


Finally, the speaker spoke on how to keep ourselves Holy from sexual sin while dating. She stressed on the fact that emotions are like fire and if not kept under check will cause great bush fires. After the mutual transition is made from friendship to lovers stage, there is the establishment of the existence of physical attraction between the two parties and it will take lots of control and effort to remain undefiled. But she said if you truly love your partner you would want to keep him/her undefiled and perfect till marriage. God bless His word.

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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