Midweek Service – “My Bible and I” by Elder Michael Oboh

The man of God began his message by giving some descriptions of the Bible.

  • The Bible comes from the Greek word “biblios” meaning scroll or book.
  • As a tenet of the church, it is infallible in its explanations( has no mistakes).
  • The church believes that the Bible is final in its authority. If Christ is the word and He has been exalted in everything, then there is no error in this word.
  • The Bible is all sufficient in its provision. Certain things may be in the Bible that may surprise us because these things apply to the times we are in now.
  • The Bible is comprehensive in its sufficiency.
  • The Bible is unified and diversified. It was written by more than 40 people during some 3000 years ago. These writers were from diverse backgrounds and professions, spanning across centuries but this word has seen no distortion. This is only possible because God is the one who communicated His word to His people.
  • The Bible explicitly claims its source from God and not men.(2Timothy 3)


Peter writing his second later states that prophecy never originated by man but by Prophets who were inspired by God. No man is a pioneer of what was written down but as they were carried and fed by the spirit, they wrote it down. There is no human argument to say that the Bible was written by men. The Holy Spirit influenced the human writers that they wrote the very words of God. The human aspect of the Bible is when the human authors by their socialization and culture write the same words in differing styles. Matthew, Mark and Luke all wrote on the same account of Jesus but presented  it in different styles.

The Bible is referred to as the word of God. Not words, but word because the message of the Bible is one. It is not the word of Peter, Mohammed or Mary but God. Inspiration does not equal dictation, God inspiring it does not mean He may have said every single word, though some words were directly from God. He infects the writers through their faculties and social norms and influences their circumstances to write. Inspiration does not deny the use of oral sources or written sources, the speaker asserted.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is God’s own revelation of Himself to man.(John 1).

How much you know God is determined by the dimension of the word in you. God reveals Himself unto men by His word. All that we know about God, we know by His word. Prayer is good but it is only a fuel. The Bible is the prescribed standard of living for man. The reason why people continue sinning is that they do not know the consciousness of God around them. And so, such a heart is vulnerable to the darkness of this world. The Bible is God’s salvation power and transformative tool.(Romans 12:2).

  • Without the scripture hidden in your heart, it cannot transform you.
  • You first begin by studying the word of God, this is done primarily by reciting the word of God.
  • Meditation is the digestive process by which we imbibe the body building nutrients of the word. This is the second step.
  • Commit yourself to do what you learn.( James 1:22)
  • Teach the word in season and out of season.

Who must read the word?

Everyone must read the word( Man shall not live by bread alone). The Bible is not  the reserve of pastors and believers. The Bible is not a cake to be eaten occasionally but bread to be eaten regularly, the speaker mentioned.

The man of God then spoke about the logos and the rhema to conclude his message. The logos is the rational knowledge but the rhema is the logos that the Holy Spirit has shed light on. You cannot have the rhema without knowledge of the logos. The reason why people cannot survive on this Christian journey is because the content of the Bible has not become the content of their heart.

May God Bless His Word!




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