Midweek Service – “Miracle Working God” by Elder Joshua Obu

We all as believers have one way or the other heard of the ability of our God to do miracles, there are some who have testimonies to prove this, others awaiting and some who find it quite difficult to believe. In as much as many are in eagerness to encounter it, it therefore did not come as a surprise when the Queens hall dinning hall was filled to capacity with believers all anticipating and awaiting answers to unanswered questions and prayers.

The speaker for the theme, “Miracle working God” on the 31st of January 2018 was our own vice president Elder Joshua Obu . He started by bringing us to the full knowledge of our former life, how lost shattered and tattered we were until Christ Jesus rescued us by grace and brought us into His priesthood.


After our maker rescued us He made us ambassadors in this world.

An ambassador is a representative of a country in another country. So Jesus making us ambassadors actually means we are to represent Him here on earth we are to show forth His nature, we are to make the world know that indeed He exists. God is making His plea to the world through us.


Jesus Christ led a life full of miracles and wonders, whomever He walked with also showed His presence through miracles. The greatest being His death on the cross to save humanity. The speaker gave an example by touching on the story of Moses and the Egyptians. In Exodus chapter 4 when Moses asked the question. “How do I prove to these people that indeed you sent me?” He answered, “ tell that the I am sent you”… This was not enough to convince Moses until God showed Him some of the miracles that would follow him on his mission. Nichodemus got to know of the God who sent Jesus through the miracles that Jesus made and through this he was saved… (Mark 16)


1.Go ye into the world and preach the word baptizing anyone who believes .the first greatest miracle the preacher says is Salvation.

2.Casting out demons

3.Speak in new tongues

4.When you drink poisonous things you will not die

5.Lay hand on the afflicted and they shall be freed.

The preacher admonished us that like Martha (Lazarus’s sister) we believe in the theory of God’s ability to save but not in the practical aspect. That is why it seems miracles are no longer in existence. We all have heard of the ability of God to heal but how many of us actually believe this?. Job said I will make my plea known to God for He has power to demonstrate miracles and unsearchable wonders. He actually believed in God’s ability to perform. Until we believe, it will be impossible to receive. Through miracles lots of souls have been won for the Lord. The speaker finally advised that we should wake up all who slumber and do the work of an ambassador for our Lord cometh soon. We are not just to be spectators of miracles but actually partakers since we are His ambassadors.

God bless you.

Scripture reference: Job.5:8-8, Act2:22, 2nd Corinthians 5:18-19, Exodus 4, 1st Corinthians 15:19, Romans 8:26


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