Midweek Service (Ladies’ Week) – “Maturing In Christ To Manifest His Glory” by Lady Hannah Dorcas Kwofie

Theme: Maturing In Christ To Manifest His Glory
Text: John 3, 1 Peter 2:2, Hebrews 5:12. Hebrews 6:1-2, 2 Peter 1:3, Hebrews 5: 1 downward


Jesus made a statement that no one can enter the kingdom unless he’s born again.” I believe we’re all born again.  No one is born adult unless Adam and Eve”.  It’s a requirement that you,  being born in 2000 up to 2018, must not be the same.  Growth is a requirement for us as Christians.  Feeding becomes very essential. There’s a saying that we become what we eat. When a baby is growing,  you can’t continue to give him milk,  lest he’ll become malnourished. However, it will be unwise for us to jump from milk and start eating solid food.

When we begin our journey, we must take in milk. Scripture reference from Hebrews says we should take in milk as the foundation of Christ. No one can say that a foundation is not needed in  building.  As Christians, we must not neglect the foundation. Again, no one can live in just a foundation. For us to become useful, we must move on from the elementary teachings and move into solid food.  Babies are full human beings but for you to become useful, then you just move on to become an adult. When we became Christians, we could have been taken to Heaven but it’s a mandate for us to shine.  Hallelujah.  God wants to accomplish something but he needs mature people.  We must increase in the knowledge of Christ. The solid food can be extracted when we dig into his word and apply it. Hallelujah.

What it takes to mature?

God has made all things available to us so it’s left with us to take hold of it.  God is looking for people who will stand for Him in these times. To be a part of this move, then you must become like Him.

Another thing we need to do is to cultivate the presence of God.  In His presence,  we go on our knees and delve into the scripture so that it transforms you. Scripture says as we renew our minds,  we become like Him. Moses made a statement that ” we won’t go, unless with the presence of God“.  Beloved,  I want you to be like this,  where you say you can’t go unless the Spirit of God’s presence goes with you.

Another thing is Consistency . In Christianity,  there’s retrogression and progression. We must commit to God everytime such that it becomes a lifestyle.  Looking at the Israelites,  there’s a point where they are recorded as having the zeal for God and at a point,  they’re looking at the gods.  This is due to inconsistency.

Another is perseverance.  We live in a world where when someone says I want to be like God, everyone goes like,  Really…  Niggur.  I like the man Elisha so much that he yearned for double of His Master’s anointing. Beloved,  this is the time,  you must not listen to others but must say and persist to become like Christ.  We never walk alone. We have the whole of Pensa-Knust also marching into maturity. You don’t have to fear. Hallelujah.

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