Midweek Service – “Man, The Image and Glory Of God ” by Elder Prof. William Otoo-Ellis.


He began by giving  the meaning of the two words; Image and glory. It was taught that an image is a representation of an external form of a person and glory means the beauty, honour,  greatness and holiness of God.  Therefore one will say that image and glory of God means a representation of God in beauty,  honour and holiness. He continued that Man is an ambassador of God on earth. Who’s an ambassador? One may ask. We learnt he’s an accredited diplomat sent by the state as a permanent representative in another country. Therefore,  man being an ambassador,  must reflect the image and glory on this earth.

He furthered by saying an ambassador also works to support the country’s interest in many ways. He promotes the image,  reputation of the country that sent him as well. He pointed out that thus, when you’re a child of God,  you’re an ambassador so don’t do things anyhow. He took the church through the creation story. It was revealed that man was designed to mirror and imitate God. Again, God crowned man with Glory and honor and put all things under His control. “That’s who you are”. He said.” God created you perfect and at the end,  He said it is very good”. He added.

Next,  the Minister expounded that Man has been given a place of rulership over all things on the earth. He explained we have two things underlying the Glory we have.

1. We’ve been called to reflect God’s Glory

  1. We’ve been called to use this glory to glorify God.

In explaining, the Man of God  asked the church these questions. Can someone look at you and praise God that this is indeed a child of God?. The things that we do , Do they glorify God? .

He highlighted that,  If we’re true ambassadors,  wherever we stand,  Christ must be revealed. We’re to be fountains of glory gushing out into every heart. He refuted the point that many people think the Christian walk is difficult and when hard times come,  we are forced to compromise. He taught that we shouldn’t compromise because we’re in a bad situation.”Your parents have made a covenant with Christ and so you can’t behave anyhow you want”. He warned. This knocked many off their feet as they burst into tears.

We then took a short lesson from the life of Joseph.” Joseph was in Potiphar’s house as an ambassador and this was noticed by the master. As a man reflecting God’s image and glory, he attracted people unto himself.  But He declared Christ above all. Hallelujah. It doesn’t matter the situation you pass through. You have the ability to reflect Christ.” The Man of God encouraged.

In conclusion, The church was admonished to find their identity; The image and glory of God and walk in them.  He ended with the two verses, Phil 3:17-21 and Phil 4:8.

The Lord bless His Word!!

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