Midweek Service – “Love Or Lust (LOL)” BY Eld Amos Kevin Annan

The topic for the day was a very interesting one, seeing more than 1200 people in attendance. Preaching at the Queen’s hall dining hall on this 9th day of November, 2016 was the renowned Eld Amos Kevin Annan. Right from the beginning of the ministration to the end, Elder Amos tactfully dealt with the theme “Love Or Lust (LOL)” and even went the extra mile of responding to questions from the congregants.


Starting off, he declared to the gathering that he was going to tell the true attributes of love and that of lust, and then move on to strike the difference between both, tackling the schemes with which to overcome lust and stay true to love in relationships along the line.

Everyone in a relationship must strive to stay within defined guidelines. Ensure you do not involve yourself in any activity capable of affecting you negatively. That is why we must be careful with entering into relationships and on dates. A date is only an appointment not a relationship. Also, in a relationship, in should not have a toll on other aspects of the two parties.

Wise up on the way forward. There is a desire inherent in man to possess sexually and it is as powerful as the power of death. But Eros is positive only in marriage; it is negative outside marriage.

Attributes about lust (2 Samuel 13:1-2; 15)

  1. It appeals to our base instincts.
  2. Lust eats up deeply that we cannot settle at peace.
  3. Lust always craves for more.
  4. Lust always feeds into the area of vulnerability
  5. Lust is clamorous for conflict.
  6. Lust is restless for a temporary release.
  7. Lust tends to rubbish every righteous indignation in a person.
  8. Lust lives in religious hypocrisy.

From here, the preacher went on to explain some attributes of true love:

  1. Love must be sincere (Romans 12:9). We need to ensure we remain loyal to whoever we have chosen to love. Contrary to some views, marriage is not an insulator to infidelity. The altar does not alter the character of a person. That is the reason we must deal with lust before even venturing into marriage; otherwise, lust gets worse after marriage.
  2. With reference from 1 Timothy 1:5, love produces a pure heart, a clear conscience and a sincere faith cannot hinder.
  3. Love waits for its turn (1 John 3:18)
  4. Love does not delight in wrong doing (Ephesians 4:2)
  5. Love gives assurance (1 John 4:18)
  6. Love does not seek to glorify itself (John 16:13)

Moving on to conclude the sermon, here is how you can identify the presence of TRUE LOVE, by letters.

T—Trust is engendered

R—Respect for the role in one’s partner’s life.

U—Understanding your partner on a deep level.

E—Efforts are put to ensure it works.

L—Limits are respected.

O—Open-hearted conversation wherever there is love.

V—Views are kept as virtues

E—Expression of joy

On this note, the sermon was wrapped up with the speaker responding to the questions from the members. “LOL” was really educative and life-impacting. God bless His word.

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