Midweek Service – “Lord I Believe” by Overseer Samuel Adu Fosu

We were blessed by the ministration of the current Republic Hall and Hall 7 Overseer, Overseer Samuel Adu Fosu on the topic “Lord I Believe”. The glorious sermon began with an analogy where a group of people prayed for rain but it was a little boy who went to the grounds with an umbrella. He believed greatly there will be rain so he went there prepared.

Fasting and prayers alone will not cause the change we await but we must believe. Lazarus’ miracle happened the way it did because of the love God had for him, John 11:3-16. God gives people he loves befitting miracles, so stop murmuring for you do not yet see the befitting miracle He is preparing for you. BELIEVE! Your belief will push you to your miracle. When you have God, you have the fullness of everything. Before one can walk in the will of God, there must be a belief in Him. God is the Christian’s supreme source of life and strength. Mark 9:14-29.

Belief is seeing through the eyes of faith, John 6:33. People are recognised in the Guinness Book of Records because they believed greatly in themselves and their abilities to do the things that gained them that recognition. Jesus has already overcome the world, so if we believe there is nothing we can’t do.

Belief is seeing through the mirror of God’s word. Trusting in the word of God brings contentment. Your thinking and sight will lead to destruction unless it is based on faith. The object of faith (CHRIST JESUS), if missing no miracle will occur. When the tempest rises high increase your faith in God. When you are facing trials, prayer and fasting is good but with the burden completely suffocating you, you miss the solution in God. Just believe.


  1. Doubt
  2. Have God’s character. He created all things with faith therefore all things are possible with faith.
  3. Past experience and family history.
  4. Guilty conscience. The devil capitalises on one’s perceived sin and brings him down. An example is when you are praying and your conscience attacks you, remember you are not the one working but the Jesus in you.


  1. Gideon
  2. Elisha
  3. Zachariah


  1. Eternal perishing
  2. The power of God does not manifest

Romans 4:18-23 speaks of a man of great faith, Abraham. With all his might he believed in God when all indicators proved otherwise. Daniel was also filled with the spirit of dissolving doubt, Daniel 5:7, 12. He had an excellent spirit nothing could penetrate through his mind and heart; he knew his God. Caleb saw differently what his contemporaries saw for there was another spirit in him, Numbers 14:24. A doubting man can never receive from God. Your current situation will always contradict what God is saying. When He tells you by my stripes you are healed yet that’s when the sickness becomes serious, but still you are healed. Believe! A demon during a deliverance service said Christians displayed great unbelief in an unlimited God.

Giving so much attention to doubt leads to immense fear. Believe in the promises of God and it will be manifested in your life. Walking in the will of God demands great faith. Joseph received prophesy from God but his circumstances wasn’t confirming the revelation he had. His unwavering faith got him to his rightful position.

The Bible says whatsoever you ask in my name I will do, John 11:22. So know that all things are yours once you believe God will do it. Didn’t Jesus heal a blind man when he called to Him? God wants you to know that even now, when you have lost all hope this is the time God will show Himself strong. Believe in Him don’t limit him for He is great above all. God bless you.


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