Midweek Service (GLC week ) – “Her Worth In Him” by Lady Dorcas Manu

She made a similarity culled from the book of revelations which said that the church is the bride and God is the groom. so we don’t necessarily refer to one gender when we say ‘her’ in the church, it goes for us all.
She started by saying we are heirs to the kingdom of God and therefore we inherit the things of the kingdom. She urged us to focus on things that are above and things that are spiritual for the things we see on earth are but for a short while, they shall all pass. The first reading was taken from Genesis 1:26 and exhorted us on how we perceive ourselves that we are created in God’s own image and likeness. From 1 Peter 2:9 she exclaimed that we are royals and need to be selective about the things we do as royals.

Another point Lady Dorcas raised was that everything we are going through right now as believers are springboards for God’s glory to be seen. She enlightened us on the fact that life isn’t supposed to be lived normal as Christians or believers , no!. Miracles need to come out way to show the evidence and existence of the living God we serve.
From Romans 12 we were urged to set ourselves apart from the trends of the world and not to conform to them.
Colossians 3:2  admonished us to set our minds, soul, spirit, body and everything on the things concerning God. Lady Dorcas concluded by saying we feel worthless because we make earthly things define our worth but we are his daughters and sons made in His image Be precious in His sight.
Knowing this truth on how precious and important we are to God, may the Lord help us to set ourselves apart as royals for His glory

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