Midweek Service – “Impartation Service” by Eld. Joshua Avornyo

It began as a whispering in the air. The evening had been beautiful when a tinkling sound came to our ears as the first pearls of rain dropped. Moment later a million droplets of rains descended from the skies, but this could not prevent PENSA KNUST from holding its midweek service at the Queen’s Hall dining hall.

We were blessed to be ministered unto by our immediate outgone President Elder Joshua Avornyo an affiliate of the University HALL.

The service that got one’s feet wet on the 18th of April was an impartation service. It was a great time as he admonished and encouraged us about what we as believers go through and our very actions and inactions in times of trouble.

According to the speaker, “the world is saying that food, money and shelter are the basic needs of a man but our spiritual life is the only basic need for God and they are of long lasting impact”.  He gave an example of a woman who was blind but her spiritual eyes were enlightened and all she desired to do was to glory on the cross.
He growled at people complaining about doing the work of God and hiding all in the name that “the work of God is boring”. God is sovereign and he that has called us won’t watch us mess up! he said.

He added that, if God doesn’t train and chasten us we would not know the type of God He His. God is very conscious about the things we go through but moreover it’s left for us to show which type of conduct when those times come.

“How would you react when the discomforting times that will refine you comes?”

Elder Avornyo stated emphatically that God has hands in our current situation and what we are going through all for His name sake. He continued by saying that if we don’t understand what God is taking us through we should, “SHUT UP”! It is better to be in the house of mourning than to be in the house of feasting.

He further added that in the house of feasting people forget who they are and become gods on their own. The God that prepared the worm is the same God that prepared the tree and the whale. God is preparing us in all times comforting and discomforting.

“Don’t question the sovereignty of God.”
“Don’t think the things of the world is secured”

Before bringing down the curtains on his message, he gave an example of two donkeys, young and old and Jesus sitting on the younger one. He explained further that, God is looking for the youth, the genuine ones to use and He has placed the load of the church on us. God is raising a church (body of Christ) that will propel the church in the speed of a cheetah and move in the spirit and frequency of God.

He ended by encouraging us to avail ourselves for God’s use.
May God help us, even as we prepare to meet the outside world and hold unto Him in times of the good and the ugly.


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