Midweek Service – “Heal Our Land” BY Benedicta Ashitey

Another great time in the presence of God is indeed a perfect description to describe what a glorious service Wednesday was at the Queens Hall Dining Hall. During the service before the introduction of the speaker the PENSA president Mr. Edward Nketsia led the church in a time of worship and thanksgiving in what was really a time where one could reflect and think about the goodness of God so far in the semester.

The speaker for the day Benedicta Ashitey who happens to be the PENSA Assistant Prayer Secretary ministered on the topic “Heal Our Land” where she led the church in a time of intercession. She however spoke briefly on the topic where she made a statement that until the church comes to the realization of the state she is the church cannot pray. Continuing the sermon she cited the following scriptures to support the message:

  • 2 chronicles 7:1-14, 2 Peter 2:9, Ezekiel 22:23-30 and Daniel 3.

The summation of what she said from these verses was that:

  1. Until the church humbles itself and seek the face of God and turn form their wicked ways then God would hear from heaven and heal our land.
  2. God is seeking for a man to stand in the gap thus we should rise up to the call and intercede for the land.
  3. Lastly she admonished the church to live a life of concern for the things of God especially when it comes to the welfare of the society and the nation as a whole.

She ended the ministration after which she led the church in a time of prayer where all present put aside their differences and prayed towards a common goal for the healing of the land and peace in the nation.

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