Midweek Service – “Go Ye” by Mr. Emmanuel Addo

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19).

The mandate of the Church of God has always been evangelism and today’s ministration dated 4th October 2017. Captioned ‘’Go ye’’ promised to return the focus of the church back to evangelism especially for those who were present at the Queens Hall Dining Hall.

The speaker for the day was no other than the Assistant evangelism Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Addo. The speaker in his opening address made a statement that there are so many cloud of witnesses watching us, and all of these ones are looking at us even as we live the Christian life.

Continuing His ministration, he said that God has called us to bear fruit because He has actually deposited a lot in us which empowers us to go and bear fruit for His glory. Here he quoted John 15:5 as a reference Scripture.

Our lives boils down to the fact that we are to win souls, thus we cannot afford to fail God“, he said. Taking a dive into Matthew 28:18-20, the speaker surmised that all power was given unto Jesus.  Who is also actually the one who called us, thus we are not to worry but to go all out to speak His word.

To add to this, he made the congregation understand that when God calls you, He gives you work in His vineyard and does not live you idle. We have the spirit of God who is to enable us further the gospel knowing that it is not just you, but in all your doing, God is working in you.

Another Scripture that he gave to expound on the topic was 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. Here he said that God has given unto all, the ministry of reconciliation, where we are ambassadors of Christ and to proclaim Him as His representatives to the entire world.  Moving on with the sermon, Mr. Emmanuel Addo furthered gave more sight on the issue of fruitfulness saying for one to be fruitful he or she must rely on God.

Here are some quotes made by the speaker during the sermon:

  1. Many fear evangelism because they have not really encountered God.
  2. Anything that you do, if it does not end in Evangelism you have failed.
  3. It’s not that you are shy to preach the gospel but rather you are proud.
  4. You cannot afford to fail God.

Getting to the climax of the sermon the Assistant Evangelism Secretary urged the congregation to also proclaim the word of God to others.  As some are in the habit of always proclaiming that their lives is already an evangelism to many, there is a need to also speak the gospel.  He implied.

The world is a battleground, and the hearts of men are desperately wicked thus he reiterated the need of the spirit power in evangelism to change the heart of men. In John 14:15, the speaker urged us to show our love for God by obeying this great commission.

It was indeed a great time in the house of the Lord. In what was just a continuation of the church’s evangelism week.

God indeed has called all to further the  gospel and there is the need for all and sundry to avail themselves wholeheartedly to achieve this course. He conceded.

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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