Midweek Service – “Gifts from God” BY Elder Joshua Obu


The date is 14th September, 2016. In the Queens Hall Dining Hall was yet another of those midweek services when the power of God was in full manifestation. The vessel God used to speak to His people was Elder Joshua Obu who spoke on the topic, “Gifts from God”. His sermon was an extract from three main Bible Texts: 1 Corinthians 12:1-12, Romans 12:6-8 and Ephesians 4:7-12.

Beginning with the account of Apostle Paul, he reiterated that Paul wanted the church to understand how God took us out of the world and put us together as the body of Christ. This Body of Christ operates like our physical bodies. In the sense that, the members of the Body of Christ need gifts to function properly, the same way the human body needs nutrients in order to perform well.

He made it clear that there is a gift deposited in every Christian whether it is known to them or not. Having said this, he went on to draw a line of distinction between a talent and a gift. He stated explicitly that our talents are the abilities we inherit naturally and so are possessed by all mankind. Gifts, on the other hand, are specifically possessed by people who are in the Body of Christ.

Elder Joshua Obu then made the church understand that the Gifts are categorized into 3 main groups:

  • Spiritual Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1-12)
  • Ascension Gifts (Ephesians 4:7-12)
  • Grace Gifts (Romans 12:6-8)

All of these must work well for the Body of Christ to function as required. Let us keep in mind that the Gifts are for our own benefits. They are to edify us and to help us mature.

Concerning the Spiritual Gifts, we must always walk in the Spirit as we are admonished to do at Galatians 5:25. That way, it would be unnecessary for us to perform certain series of activities anytime we want to tap from the realm of the Spirit.

These Gifts are further grouped into three more forms: Revelation Gifts, Vocal Gifts and Power Gifts, all of which have their specific examples.


Giving practical illustrations when deemed fit, the preacher proceeded with a detailed explanation to the several other Gifts the Spirit manifests in us. The first he mentioned in this enumeration was Word of Wisdom.

  • Word of Wisdom

This describes how God speaks to us in our situations by dropping His word in our Spirit, which is able to calm us down even in our toughest challenges.

  • Word of Knowledge

This is the information given to us by the Holy Spirit outside our five human senses. This Gift equips us with knowledge of things that are happening at present, or have happened in the past or will happen in the future.

  • Discernment of Spirits

This is the supernatural ability from the Holy Spirit to detect the true source of a spiritual manifestation.

  • Tongues Speaking

The Gifts relating to tongues speaking come in three forms namely: tongues as an earthly language, as a praying language and the ability to interpret other tongues.

  • Prophesy
  • Faith
  • Healing
  • Working Miracles

Elder Joshua Obu continued with the statement that the Ascension Gifts refer to the five-fold ministry. That is, the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and the Teachers. They are “special packages” of Gifts from God to us all.


He concluded with the Grace Gifts, which was the final of them all. In the final lap of his ministration, the man of God led the whole congregation into deep realms in the Spirit which was accompanied by an intense atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, filling the whole “chapel”. The spiritual gifts of several members were rejuvenated, and numbers were impacted with varying Gifts. Glory be to God!

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