Midweek Service – “Fire Shut Up In My Bones” by Eld. Godfred Tawiah

On January  17th in the year of our lord 2018, marked day one of our maiden revival service for PENSA KNUST, which took place at the Queens Hall Dining Hall. We were honored to be ministered unto by an elder of the church, Mr. Godfred Kuffour Tawiah.  He ministered on the theme, “fire shut up in my bones” which also happens to be the main theme for the three days revival.

The man of God forewarned that the Christian race is like the journey the Israelites made to the Promised Land, and because of its unnaturalness and anomalies, one easily thirsts, thus there is a high tendency to give up. We live in a world where we tend to give up easily whereas sin is very predominant, he cautioned. His main reading was taken from Jeremiah 20:1-9.

According to elder Tawiah, without the full embrace of the fire of God, your authority is doubted. He added that when Moses encountered the fire of God no Israelite questioned his ruler ship over them. Elijah on the other hand performed all the great miracles, he nearly gave up because of the fear of Jezebel

He centered his main sermon on the bible character Jeremiah. He unveiled to the church the oppositions and setbacks that confronted Jeremiah in his faith

  1. The first of it all was his youthfulness or youthful age. JEREMIAH 1: 6
  2. The people he was going to minister to, were masters and learned individuals at things. Jeremiah 1:8
  3. They devised evil schemes against him. Jeremiah 11:18,19
  4. He was doubtful about God. Jeremiah 11: 1,2-5
  5. False prophets prophesying lies. Jeremiah 11:14
  6. His own brothers were against him. Jeremiah 12:6
  7. He was mocked and ridiculed. Jeremiah 20:8

He also emphasized that the word shut up means locked up that is,it can’t escape.

He inferred that if you want to have the fire there should be a perpetual consumption of God’s word.



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