Wednesday Miracle service was held at the Queens Hall Dining Hall on 5th February, 2020. The part 2 of the closet series saw a ministration by the General Secretary of PENSA – KNUST, Mr. Gideon Offei Owusu Acheampong. Speaking on the theme ‘Fasting and Prayer‘ and with scripture reference to Matthew 17, some keynotes were made known to the church.

-Everything about the believer’s life and the church should be about Christ.

– If your prayer doesn’t bring Christ into perspective, then you’re not praying.

– Prayer in the Old Testament talks about pleading on one’s behalf.

– In the New Testament, prayer is about coming before God.

– Your inheritance as a child of God is engaged when you pray.

The only assured way of praying is praying in the Spirit.

– Practicing godliness or praying is profitable than material things – 1 Timothy 4:7-8

-Your prayer life determines your revelation of God.

– Compare your prayer points to the scriptures, and check if it’s in align with that of Christ.

– Prayer isn’t about the intensity of your shouts but rather being in spirit with Christ.

– Believing in Christ comes along with engaging in fasting and praying.

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