Midweek Service – “Faith” BY Deacon Andrews Obuobi

Today marks another midweek service and we were privileged to be ministered unto by the Vice President of the Church, Deacon Andrews Kwame Obuobi on the topic FAITH.

He set the course of the ministration by making reference to Hebrews 12:18-24. That we have come unto Mount Zion not Mount Sinai where there wasfear and God was unapproachable. At Mount Zion however, there is faith, God is approachable and it is a spiritual state likened to the Kingdom of God. We do not live by our senses, feelings nor how much we are afraid but by what God has said.  He stated that before we can represent ourselves as Christians, we have to understand our position which is who we are in Christ and where we have come. When we come to Zion, we live as Zionites.

According to 2 Corinthians 5:7, we have come to the General Assembly where everyone lives by faith. There is thus a need for a mode of transfer from the spiritual which is eternal to the physical which is temporary. Faith is therefore the transfer of things from the spiritual to the physical such that whatever we have in the physical was manifested in the spiritual.

Contrary to what many people believe, faith is not a risk, but rather a sure route to success and to receiving what God wants us to receive.

He then struck a couple of differences between hope and faith.

  1. Faith is the foundation of hope. Hope itself cannot be seen, what makes hope seen is faith. In that regard, a faithless person is a hopeless person.
  2. Hope believes it can happen sometime to come. Faith believes it has happened now.

With faith, we do not walk with logic and intellect. Unless we allow God to beat our logic, He cannot work in us. Meaning faith is not a leap in the dark but rather a leap on the word.

He went on to discuss the kinds of faith we have:

  1. Abrahamic and the Thomas kind of faith. He cautioned us to exercise the Abrahamic faith where we do not wait to see things before they really do happen and that as far as we have accepted Christ, there is a measure of faith in us. He made references to John 20 and Romans 12:3.
  2. Saving Faith (Ephesians 2:8). We need not work to attain this kind of faith. He mentioned that there is a difference between the believer and one who believes. The believer is one who has faith and acts upon what he believes (John 1:12) whilst one who believes knows the facts to be true. He once again cautioned that faith isn’t a matter of feeling but that of knowledge.
  3. Demonic Faith (James 2:19). The speaker mentioned that even demons believe the Word of God. However, they do not act on the faith we have as believers.
  4. Dead Faith (James 2:20-24). Since faith without works is dead, we ought to walk in the faith that we profess.
  5. Little Faith (Matthew 8). This is when we magnify our situation and problems above God, when we have little of the Word of God in us. Faith is directly proportional to how much of the Word of God we have in ourselves.
  6. Weak Faith (Romans 4:18-21). This is when we are not fully persuaded by the Word of God.
  7. Strong Faith. Faith which staggers not! (That is Unshakable faith).
  8. Dynamic Faith. This involves the whole man. With the kind of faith, the heart understands the truth, rejoice in it and does it.
  9. Great Faith (Matthew 8:10). Speaks to the impossible that which is possible. The centurion, carnal as he was made a faith proclamation that Jess described as “great”. He said you don’t have to go to my house, speak the Word only. And what he said was done for him that very hour. Such great faith!

Next, he talked about building up our faith which includes reading and believing that which is there. The word of God works for those who believe. He admonished us to be doers of the Word.

He mentioned that we need to get into the realm of positive confession which goes a long way to have great impact in our lives.

Hindrance to our Faith

Sin of worry and doubt. (Philippians 4:6) We need to overcome the regret of yesterday and the dread of tomorrow.

In concluding his sermon, Deacon Obuobi stated that Faith which has not been tested can never be trusted.

May God bless His Word

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