Midweek Service – Evangelism Workshop (Evangelism Week)

On the 28th of March 2018, all PENSA members assembled at the Queens hall dining for a workshop on evangelism. We were enlightened on how to evangelise and win not just souls but make disciples for Christ.


  • What is evangelism: First of all one has to understand that evangelism is  basically sharing the gospel of Christ. 
  • Who can evangelise: A thin line was drawn between who a  witness is and  who an evangelist represents. Witnesses are all believers, anyone who believes in the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ automatically is a witness,  and a witness lives the life of Christ portraying Christ in His day to day     activities while an evangelist on the other hand is one gifted by God to preach and share His word to people for avoid damnation and enjoy salvation. Therefore  all Christians are entreated to evangelise. Because according to scriptures it’s  our great commission to go to all nations and make disciples for Christ Jesus.
  • Who should we evangelise: Believers are to evangelise to all without any  Both believers and non believers.
  • What to preach during evangelism: We got to understand that we do not to preach about religion, neither are we to share light on water baptism or any  other belief than the gospel which is the death and resurrection of Christ, man’s depraved nature and the need to accept Jesus. Note that we are not to  just   evangelise to win  souls for a particular church but rather to win souls   for Christ. The main    motive is to  present Jesus to all and help them build a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Since we are all commissioned as believers to go to all nations and make known  the gospel of Christ. We were also taught on how to personally evangelise. It follows two basic step;

  1. PRE-EVANGELISM: This involves planning and preparation done in ones closet. How can you give anything unless you have it. We were therefore advised to imbibe on the word. Studying it without ceasing and also to pray for our targeted souls even before stepping out to evangelise.
  2. ACTUAL EVANGELISM: This is the actual heralding of Christ. Below is a  demonstration of the actual evangelism
  • Start a gospel conversation
  • Direct the conversation to salvation
  • Ask questions to know the Spiritual stance of the person
  • Share the gospel
  • Let the person decide whether he is going to accept Christ
  • Say the sinners prayer if he is ready to accept Christ.

NB: This does not follow a formal step. It can be done any way but what is important is letting the person know who Jesus is and His saving ability.


  1. Are we permitted to baptise the person in the Holy Spirit right after He accepts Christ:

Answer: The answer that came was a Yes.  As the Spirit moves if you are prompted to pray for baptism of the Holy Spirit, allow the Spirit to take its course.

  1. Are we suppose to rebuke those we evangelise to :

Answer: We were made to understand that the Bible even in it’s own nature  rebukes us all. So it is allowed but not to the extent of being judgemental.

  1. How do u evangelise to someone who does not believe in the  authenticity of  the Bible;

Answer: The answer to this question was not fully explained we were told it deals mostly with theology. But the understanding we got was that, we can       either share our experience as Christians with the person or better still defend  the authenticity of the Bible. The interesting thing about the Bible was that it was written by many people in different generations yet they all talk about the same thing and the same Jesus. How could this be if it is not backed by a  supreme divinity?.

We were charged to continue living the lives of an evangelist through our speech,   dressing and our general way of Life. God bless you even as you win souls for    the living God. Amen

Scripture references; Romans .10:15, Matthew 28:18-20, 2Corinthians 5:17-21, Luke 24:46-47, Hebrews 7:23-25, Acts 4:12.


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