Midweek Service – Eschatology Conference (Day 1) by Aps. Dr. Ben Ali


“Our knowledge of the scriptures is like a drop in the ocean but the Holy Spirit opens our mind to understand them” said the speaker as he led the body of Christ to understand Eschatology.

The body of Christ, PENSA-KNUST was blessed by the ministration of Ben Ali, an Apostle of the Church of Pentecost on Wednesday, 8th of February, 2018. It was the first day of a three-day conference on Eschatology. This was part of the spiritual and academic year to help the church embrace the second coming of Christ, even as members abound in good works.

In the beginning

The minister, at the introductory part of his ministration said that eschatology does not talk about the future alone but includes the past and present as well. He said, Rev 1:19 is a key scripture to understanding the entire book of Revelations adding that we cannot fully understand the future until we have referred to the beginning. Thus to understand better the events that are yet to unfold, the book of Genesis has an essential role to play. The book of Genesis does not tell us everything about creation because it was not written chronologically however it does inform us of some of the events of the beginning.

The minister, Aps. Ben Ali threw more light on the beginning of creation. He enlightened the church that there are three (3) types of heavens;

  1. First Heaven – a place where the birds and even airplanes fly. It is also known as the firmament. (Gen 1:8)
  2. Second Heaven – this is where the luminary bodies are found. (Gen 1:14)
  3. Third Heaven – this was where God and the host of angels dwelt. (2 Cor 12:1-3)

He continued by saying that, after God created the heavens, he created angels before the earth was created (Job 38:4-7). God created two of every creature on earth, even the man and woman. It was God’s original intent to create a man and a woman (Gen 1:26). The only difference was in how he created them.

Sin and Redemption

The minister again enlightened the church that, sin did not begin on the earth. Rather, it started right in God’s presence when Lucifer and the other fallen angels rebelled against God and they were casted out of heaven. It was introduced on earth in Eden where Satan through a snake led man to also rebel against God. He added that God in his sovereignty gave man his free will, so that He does not treat man like a robot. Even the angels had their free will and it was why Lucifer, together with the fallen angels could rebel against God.

He however reminded the church that, angels do not have a second chance when they rebelled against God. But humans are given second chances because God created them in his image and likeness. God who is all-knowing, knew from the beginning that man would sin and therefore made preparations for that. Grace was and is our second chance. God dwells in heaven and if any man desires to be there must satisfy the conditions that He has given; which are salvation through his only begotten son Jesus, a man who was without sin. After the sin of the first man, Adam, Jesus was sent as the second and last Adam to redeem man from sin. And his blood was the only thing potent enough to save man from his depraved and helpless nature.

The Minister of God, Aps. Ben Ali, said that, the redemption works of Jesus is a complete one. He redeemed us from everything that is not the will of God (John 8:30-38). No man can add to or subtract from the complete redemption works of Jesus.

The Aps. Ben Ali, cautioned the church to hold fast on faith and on the Lord Jesus because God would never lower his standards to accommodate anyone. Grace is not for a selected few but for all. Even the people from the Old Testament age enjoyed grace. Grace is for all (Titus 2:11). He admonished that believers be mindful of sin as Jesus is soon to return. When he died, he seized the keys of both death and hades. Death and Hades are spirits; the spirit of death causes death and gives the soul to hades to torment.

The minister in conclusion said that if any man does not have the spirit of Christ dwelling in them, then they don’t belong to Christ. We may all be creation of God but we are all not children of God. He added that God has done all he can to get us saved and to heaven, where He is. May we not allow anything or anyone stray us away from the path that leads to heaven.


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