Wednesday Miracle service saw the beginning of a closet series and we were blessed to be ministered unto by Maame Yaa Ohenewaa Ayisi, the Treasurer for PENSA – KNUST. The part 1 of the closet series was dubbed ‘Effective Quite Time’.

Maame Yaa Ayisi highlighted on the following:

Quite time is a period meant to fellowship and be with God only.

It’s a time meant for no distractions in terms of your environment and state of mind.

Have an effective and consistent plan – A devotional guide

What to Do When Having Quite Time?

– Pray:  This period is meant to speak to God. It’s about silencing your worries and magnifying His glory.

– Read your Bible: With reference to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, the Word of God is the breath of God. Also it’s not only about reading the Bible but rather going a step further to study it.

– Meditate on the Word: We’re equipped and nourished during meditation.

– Write what you hear from God.

– Thank God for His Word and for Him speaking to you:  Ask for grace to walk in His Word.

Essence of Having Your Quiet Time

– It’s an opportunity to fellowship with God.

– An invitation to drink from the Spirit of God.

– We’re able to reflect God’s beauty and radiate His glory.

Misconceptions About Quite Time

– Quite time is a ritual

– A time to satisfy your concise.

– Quite time is a replacement for reading religious books and listening to sermons from men of God.

-Quite time can also be replaced with attending church.

Other scripture references – Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16; Psalm 115:105

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