Midweek Service – “Cast Your Cares” by Elder Emmanuel Baah Ennum

Scripture Reading

Psalm 55:1-22, 1st Peter 5:5-7, Philippians 4:5 and 7

Three important lessons to help us cast our cares . We need to first know the God we serve. Paul tells the people of Athens in chapter 17 :24-28 of Acts who God is. There is absolutely nothing that this God does not know and cannot do. We are in a time and period where challenges are beyond understanding. This topic is a call in God’s divine providence. If God is good, why are some people hungry and dying. When we reason like human beings, we will begin to doubt God. Because this phrase is calling us to putting test what God can do.

There are three important aspects of God’s providence.

His providing Providence: This is where God gives plentiful supplies. Elijah in time of famine, God provided.

The protective Providence:He watches over life with infinite care.

Sustaining Providence: This providence manifests in two ways.(Psalm 19:4). He preserves the faithful, a typical example is to cast your cares on Him . Things will be hard in the times we are in but God will sustain His people. The sustaining Providence of God brings to the fore, two important things. Whatever the situation may be, you should not be anxious of anything. For you not to be anxious, it means you are a faithful child of God. God’s providence requires that you show faithfulness. It sounds easy but it is not.

When situations present itself and you begin to fear, what the situation is presenting is false evidence appearing as real.(FEAR).

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