Midweek Service (Workers’ Handover) – “Call Unto Service” BY Pastor Abraham Sefa Sarfo

One could feel the tension in the air as the atmosphere was filled a mixture of excitement and sadness, but as expected, the excitement overshadowed the sadness.

Today marked the official end of tenure for the Local Central Committee of PENSA KNUST for the 2016/2017 Spiritual and Academic year as well as the beginning for others.

We were honored to be ministered unto by the former PENSA President of UCC from 2000-2003 who is the Resident Pastor of Bompata PIWC, Pastor Abraham Sefa Sarfo on the topic, Call Unto Service.

He commenced his sermon by saying that our assurance as Christians  is that our labor in the Lord will never be in vain. He cited Acts 13:36 and Colossians 3:23.

He again stated that we have all been called unto service irrespective of the fact that not all of us are leaders. He mentioned that there are two types of calling namely, General calling and Specific calling.

With General calling, it is available to everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ since it implies that such persons have been called by God. He made references from John 1:12 and 1 Peter 2:9-10.

Then we went on to cite certain instances of Specific Calling. It includes:

  • The call of Paul (Acts 9:15-16). Here, he was quick to add that suffering is attached to the calling. Nonetheless, after suffering comes Rejoice.
  • The call of Barnabas and Saul (Acts 13:2-3)
  • The call of Abraham (Genesis 12:1)

The Church, listening attentively.

What then, are the Qualities of a Christian Leader?

  • Must be full of the Spirit and wisdom. That is, to discern and discharge their duties respectively. (Acts 6:3)
  • Must be a man or woman of integrity (that is, he/she must be watchful).
  • Must be trustworthy and dependable. (Should be someone that others can trust with their issues and secrets).
  • Must fear God more than man.
  • Must be a true example of Christ in all circumstances.

The preacher further touched on how leaders should serve God and the Church.

First and foremost, we ought to serve according to God’s own purpose even as David portrayed in Acts 13:36. Also, we need to serve God faithfully, both in the presence and absence of men.

Furthermore, we should worship God with a wholehearted devotion. Last but not least, we need to serve God and His church with all humility because it is by Grace we have been chosen.

Pastor Sarfo brought the message to a close by highlighting the benefits of working for God.

From 1 Corinthians 15:58, we know that our labor in the Lord shall never be in vain. Again, from Matthew 19:27-29, we shall receive rewards in hundredfold and inherit everlasting life as well.

He wrapped up with the bold statement of fact that “our labor in the Lord will never be in vain and also, He will never abandon us.”

God bless His word and His Church!

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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