Midweek Service – “But As for Me” by Samuel Opoku Dankwa

Job 5:8 (English Standard Version) – “As for me, I would seek God, and to God would I commit my cause,”

Reading from Job 1, the man of God made mention of some notable attributes of Job that made him upright. A man who feared God and eschewed sin. He told us a story of Satan going to God to ask for Job.

Job was a man who feared God and thus, he tore his clothes and worshiped the lord when he heard distressing news. When your faith is crippled, you begin to doubt the integrity of God, the man of God mentioned.

We could learn some lessons from Job by his life.

  • He was immature, in the sense that, he had no one to encourage and to teach him on what to do in those times

The minister advised that we know more about God through the study of His word. He briefly touched on the subject of revelation. He explained revelation as a special knowledge acquired through divine transformation.

Grace and faith are the most important factors in our walk with God, he added. We should therefore not take feelings as a factor when we want to commune with the lord.

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