Midweek Service (Bible Study) – ”True Disciples” by Coordinators

Bible studies being very essential in every Christian’s life have a priority in every activity line up of a church. It’s therefore expedient that PENSA-KNUST makes it a cause to adhere to that. Bible studies seek to bring us closer to God, know His will, and live a life worthy of emulation.

On Wednesday 19TH of September, 2018, the church had its first Bible study. The study was under the topic ‘True Disciples’. The study commenced with a song admonishing us to be the followers of the master.

A disciple in any institution could be considered a student or learner who seeks to imitate His master. In this study, the master is our lord Jesus Christ. The main text was from Mathew 7:21-27 and Luke 9:23-26. The main text seeks to distinguish between a good disciple (true), a disciple and a passive Christian. The difference is mainly based on the level of commitment, fellowship, faith and respect for our Saviour Jesus Christ. All these attributes could be summarized into love for God. The take-home scripture was from John 8:31 where our master Jesus tells us to remain faithful to his teachings if we are truly his disciples.

Study questions which came up for discussion were:

1. Who a true disciple was.
2. How we can become true disciples.
3. Why we must be true disciples
4. Some problems and solutions that confront true discipleship.
5. Some personalities of the bible who were true disciples.
6. And how to live as a true disciple from now.
We are meant to perfect the image of Christ in our generation to lead the lost and glorify our lord.We are to make disciples out of the saved ones; which is our core mandate as Christians. A true disciple can be said to have a great commitment to God, request for His help in everything and admits frailty as a human.

To become a true Disciple, Christ urges us to come after him denying ourselves and picking up our cross. We ought to uphold him fully and not just accept him but rather do everything and anything he convicts us to do. We are supposed to be true disciples of Christ to win souls and also inherit his Father’s kingdom.

As human as we are, there’s no absolute perfection unless in Christ Jesus and in that, we have to accept our shortcomings and work towards them. We are always in constant battle with our physical man and most at times there is no true fellowship with our Lord as we seek to please and satisfy our desires rather than God.
As true disciples of Jesus we have to make every effort to follow him to the end. To do so, we have to apply all diligence, earnestness, faithfulness and commitment to endure every tribulation that comes our way for the sake of our master Jesus Christ in all aspect of our lives as Christians.


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