Midweek Service – “Attaining His Fullness, A Call To Maturity” by Eld. Bernard Adusei

Main Texts: Ephesians 4:11-16,2 Peter 2:1-3, 3:8, Exodus 20:5-6 

“God is calling us to a place of maturity, of understanding, of insight“. These were the introductory lines by the speaker Elder Bernard Adusei to the congregants of Pensa Knust on Wednesday 24th of April. When we come to this point, we will live the higher life where we defy the odds.  The church should come to a place where unity has permanent residence, he preached. But sadly ,this is not the case. Unhealthy rivalry and competition in the church of God is disallowing this situation. God however wants a spotless and blameless church.

The verse in Ephesians  as read in the main text shows us that when Christ ascended on high, He gave gifts to the church. He has given us these gifts so that it can equip us and the people around us. It will be painful for the master to come and meet so many babies. God is investing in us and He wants us to mature. He is coming for a church that is growing into the stature of Christ.

The Bible talks about the berean church in Acts 17, who sat down to examine the scriptures everyday as Paul spoke.  Because we are not growing as a church, men have found deceitful ways to lie to us.

The matured keep their trust in God and their song is “God is working” by Akesse Brempong”. Even though they might not see what God is doing, they still trust.The matured know that things are not too good but they still hope and trust in Him. Babies chase after earthly things but the matured chase after the giver of earthly things. Earthly things will satisfy us up to a point, but fulfillment is in Jesus. Our desires need to be realigned. Money is good but not as the expense of knowing God, the speaker mentioned. You can go and chase the money but you realize that something is missing in your heart.

Babies quarrel, babies gossip, babies are unforgiving. The matured allow the fruit of the spirit to show forth in their life; the matured forgive. Babies withhold unduly but the matured give, because they understand that whatever they have, it is God who gives.

2 Timothy 2:24 Jeremiah 18.

The master wants people to use in these times. The master has every right to mould us into what He wants to do with us. Yes to the will of God! And so we cannot live to please ourselves. It is not a matter of comfort and convenience.

The attitude of maturity to God is total surrender to God no matter what it will cost. In most cases, the will of God is not pleasant. We are not of our own and so we do not make decisions based on what we want.

To live is Christ, to die is gain. When the difficulties of life Come, we shall not take to our heels and run.

May God Bless His Word!!!.


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