Midweek Service (PENSA GHANA Day) – “Arise and Build” by Elder Stephen Paintsil

Nehemiah 2:14-20

Arise,  he described  as a change of state or circumstance from a comfort zone. He went further to define “Build” as the process of causing or making a difference. He then concluded with the definition of the topic as a “change of state from a comfort zone to make a difference.

The minister stated without mincing words that, our human flesh has no strength and can do nothing; our only hope is in depending on God. He added that, building the church is building up ourselves and doing the work of the Lord. And in arising and building, we will face a lot of opposition. He cited the example of Nehemiah and his fellow Jews who were opposed by Sanballat, Tobiah and their colleagues. He however stated that to allay our fears of opposition and challenges, we would have to be prayerful and have faith in God as Nehemiah did.

The minister, Elder Stephen Paintsil, encouraged the church to be as determined to build the church as Nehemiah was to build the walls of Jerusalem. He went further to remind the body of Christ of the good works of the old generation in building the church, which is doing the work of the Lord, adding that we are the new generation and we must also do our best to build the church.

He stated emphatically that human frailties are spelt out whenever there is change in state or circumstance. He however added that the means to arise and build lies in total reliance on God and in the Holy Ghost.

At the latter part of his ministration, he shared with the church practical ways to arise and build.

To arise and build, we have to do the following:

  • Build through Jesus who is the foundation of the church. If we build on a different foundation, our building (works) will collapse.
  • Relegate the idea of impossibilities. Nehemiah did not see a problem but an opportunity for God to do something and to use him.
  • Move beyond the “even if” kind of faith. We must have faith like Daniel and the three Hebrew boys who didn’t bow to to the king’s demands irrespective of what he could do to them.
  • Unceasing fasting and prayers.
  • An unchanging heart for the great commission. While we hope to preach the gospel and expect people to be saved, our character must portray the life of Jesus so that others can come to him.
  • Obstacles and challenges are materials for building and we must persevere through them to build.
  • Answer accusers with Nehemiah 2:20 which states that:

                  “I answered them by saying, “The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding, but as for you, you                       have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it.” – Neh 2:20

The minister in his concluding remarks tasked the church to come together; be united even as we build and surely God will help us through it.


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