Midweek Service – “Appraisal of Theme” by Lady Monica Anang

The midweek service which was an appraisal of the theme for the academic and spiritual year was spearheaded by the outgone Africa Hall Overseer, Lady Monica Anang. The movie, “what will Jesus do” shows the varying characters vowing to do what Jesus will do, the minister began. In our exams rooms when we are being pressured to give into certain desires, what will the Jesus in us do? The scriptures under consideration were Isaiah 65:1, Judges 21:25

In the beginning, God was before all things and He was the cause of all things. All of history has God as its final purpose and its consummation. Creation begins with God and so the purpose of this world is God.

Pastor Pascal Asiedu said that the most important thing God needs from man is fellowship. Day in day out we see ourselves unwilling to go to God for restoration after the fall.

All of history is a chronicling of God’s desire to be seen and felt and touched. When sin was passed down to humanity, God brought restoration. Sin came back into the world, so God raised up Noah. Sin still lingered, so He raised up Abraham and birthed the nation of Israel out of him.

The greatest miracle God can do for you is not to change your circumstances but to change your heart in your circumstances. Up till now, Satan has had no response for Christ. If only we believe in Him, we would know that His DNA runs in us. The only thing Satan can do now is to tell us that we cannot when we can. If Satan can get us not to read the word, or come to an understanding of who we are in Christ, he has us by the neck. Mr. Godfred Asante said that, the secret place is in Christ. And that man was created to be God dependent.

Romans 8:29, 2 Corinthians 3:18.

From the readings, we get to understand that becoming like Christ is not an option for the Believer. As long as we have accepted Christ it is who we have become.

George Brown made us understand that becoming like Christ is who we are. Christ is our life. As we behold, we become. The ultimate goal of salvation is Christlikeness.

We believers of Christ are a mobile carrier of living Waters. To become like Christ is not possible on our own. Apostle Daniel Otchere Walker says that for we Christians our origin is God. The more you know God, the more clearly you can hear Him when He speaks. Lady Hannah Dorcas added that our desire to be like Christ is important.

Pastor Kumi Lartey in his ministration said that believing Christ is very basic. There is more to it than just believing.

Joshua 1:8.

The word of God by itself is able to transform us. Our conscience is not the voice of God; it is the microphone through which the Holy spirit speaks to speak to us. The word of God should be made our permanent resting place.

May God Bless His Word


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