Midweek Service – “All Is Well” by Ovr. Samuel Acheampong

It was during the midsemester break and even though people went home that didn’t stop us from having our powerful midweek service. We were blessed to be ministered unto by Samuel Acheampong the Queens Hall overseer on the topic “All Is Well”.

The speaker asserted that  the book of Philippians  was written by Paul to the Philippian church in Philippine. Paul as well  got his first convert in Europe ,a maid and was imprisoned for the practice of exorcism. Exorcism means the casting out of demons – he said. Even though  Paul was imprisoned, he wrote many letters to the church by expressing the affection, he has for the church. This is to say that the problems in our life is not supposed to bring us down in life but rather bring people to Christ. In Philippians 1:14, Paul was imprisoned because he was defending the gospel ubiquitously.

In Philippians 4:5 Over Samuel made us understand that even though things are not going well, putting on a gentle smile will do knowing in within that God is our provider and He is our all. Going back to the old testament in Genesis 1:3 -26 , which emphasized about God being the creator of man in His own image and likeness. Over Samuel related the creation of man to a manufacturer who wants to create a gadget for instance a phone, he tries to build on it and make  it succeed on the job market and places his symbol on it showing that it is accredited. Likewise God has created us in His image and has placed His mark on us and that makes us His children everywhere we go and God will also do anything possible for His children to succeed in life. It is the will of the God that we succeed in life – he said

He beseeched that whatever God has said He will do and gave an account  of Abraham and Sarah who were “already very old” and had passed the child bearing limit when God gave them His word they will have a son and it was fulfilled exactly one year after. Psalm 34:10 says that those that depend on the Lord will not lack any good thing. He made an illustration about a beautiful flower and said that the flower will surely die but God in His own might wisdom and might nurtures it for it grow wonderfully and assures us that God will protect. He also said again that the God who feeds the birds who do not sow seeds nor water them how much more His own children that He has created in His own likeness He will protect us and He will be with us till the end of time.

  • Endure hardships as discipline because God is nurturing us as His children.
  • If you are aware that temptations will come in our walk with Him then let us also know that there’s also a glory set ahead. Let your heart be at peace.
  • Do not worry too much but in everything pray waiting on the Lord. Be strong the Lord will come to your rescue.

Finally, he ascertained  that  we were created into (the image and likeness of God) and wherever we find ourselves,we should not be weary of the diverse temptations and trials that will come our way but  we should count it all joy and know deep within that “ALL IS WELL!” HALLELUJAH.


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