Midweek Service – “Decree a Thing” by Dcn. Daniel Oppong Kyei

 Job 22: 28, Proverbs 18: 20 and Matthew 12:35-37.

A decree is an order or a law given by a person with authority. A decree is effective as long as the initiator is still alive. As Christians we must decree according to the deposits in us because on our own abilities, any decree we make dies with us. If we decree by the power of the Spirit in us, the decree lives on because the spirit of God remains forever, the speaker mentioned.

In Daniel chapter 6, a decree was made imprisoning anyone who worshiped any other God apart from the prescribed one by the king. But Daniel solved a problem concerning prayer with prayer, the speaker asserted. He did what he was prevented from doing. And so when the Bible says the devil rose like a lion it doesn’t mean he is a lion, but pretends to be one. But because we worship the lion of the tribe of Judah, when he roared the loudest, the lions in the den recognised him as the leader and gave reverence to Daniel who carried the spirit of God in him.

Three things are important when making a decree

  • The statement in the decree
  • The state or situation of the one making the decree
  • The authority behind the decree

Who do you trust in? Where do you derive your authority from? (Psalm 16:1)? Statements that belittle you must be replaced with ones that project positivity. Having Christ in you is everything (Ephesians 1). The greatest revelation is Christ and as Christians our sole aim is to become like Christ. Spirituality is not about noise making or acting religiously, it is refusing to sin when given the opportunity. When everyone and everything around you is corrupt but you want to show the fruits of the spirit.

The decrees of God are powerful and transcend time, the speaker mentioned. A classic example is the promise of not destroying the earth with water and we see the seal of promise; the rainbow. When people have lost hope(you will have a statement) ,lift them up and they will rise up, then you will save the downcast, he will deliver even one who is not innocent, who believeth through the cleanness of thine hands, Job 22:29.

Your tongue is powerful, decree good things inspired by the spirit and remember the potency of your faith drives your decree. God bless you.


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