Midweek Service – “A Noble Man As The Functional Head of The Family” by Eld. Dr. Ken Aboah


As part of the spiritual and academic year, the annual Men’s Champions Conference (MCC) which was dubbed: “A Man of Noble Character” commenced on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Queens Hall Dining Hall. The speaker, Eld. Dr. Ken Aboah however, ministered on the topic: “A noble man as the functional head of the family”

The minister commenced the ministration by defining what noble meant where he said according to the dictionary it meant one belonging to a high social rank in society by birth – an aristocrat. Nevertheless, he gave a biblical definition which can be found in (1 Pet 2:9), where he said, a noble man was one with vision and fulfils it. He was one who does not count the days, rather makes the days count because he had a meaningful activity to fill each day.

The minister, who spoke with much enthusiasm propounded to the church that, “A man’s life is characterized by three days; yesterday, today and tomorrow” He explained this by saying that yesterday represents the past; past lifestyles, circumstances and events that we must let go because we have no authority over them. We have no power to change it. Tomorrow belonged to God but we have today; we have power to do the right things and make the right choices.

The minister, Eld. Dr. Aboah reproved the church by saying that “we all love the grace and love God showers on us daily but we hate the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.” He said that we hated the fellowship of the Spirit because we do not want to let go of some things we hold dear adding that the noble man has fellowship with the Holy Spirit. He works for God and God does not forget his deeds. God remembers and blesses him.

A Noble Man as a Functional Head

In the middle of the sermon, the minister delved deeper into the topic where he used Jesus as a model of a noble man. From (Luke 2:52, John 17:4) Eld. Dr. Aboah said that a noble man is one of good character and has favor first with God and with man, and was respected by all. The summary of Jesus’ life as a noble man was characterized by two things.

  1. He glorified God on earth, and,
  2. He finished his work on earth (both spiritual and physical)

He further said that, in Africa, men enjoy the position of being heads of the family. But a position without function is improper. We need to be functional heads just as Jesus is our head. When you are single, you are the head of your life and you must therefore be in control of your life. To help the church better understand what the functional head meant, the speaker gave a hypothetical illustration where the different parts of the body argued over who should be the head of the body per the function each part played. In the long run, they all agreed that the head as a body part was to be made the “head” of the entire body not because of its position at the top but because of the many functions it performed.

The minister, Eld. Dr. Ken Aboah, who was also a medical officer by profession said that there are trillions of nerves in the head and it is why it controls all the other parts of the body. This was also so because the head has the brain which performs coordinating functions from one nerve ending to another and it does this coordination with the heart. You are what is in your heart; a good man has a good heart, and an evil man has an evil heart. There is no school for the heart and we as Christians must allow Jesus into our hearts to train them (hearts) to be good people.

Functions of the different parts of the head

The minister posited that, any head with a brain but fails to think and plan is useless. We as believers must define our thinking patterns with God’s word. The brain organizes the whole life of a man; thus a disorganized brain makes a disorganized life. He continued by giving the functions of the different parts of the head.

  • The Eye – is an important part of the head. Aside the fact that the eyes are for seeing, functionally they represent vision. It is important for a believer to have a vision for themselves and have one from God.
  • The Ears and Mouth – the head has two ears and a mouth. Two ears means we are to listen more and a mouth which means we are to talk less. One ear has to listen to God and the other to listen to our fellow men. The mouth is for speaking to God (prayer) and speaking to other men (good communication). He encouraged the church to speak to men about God and speak to God about men. The mouth also eats, thus we are all to do our best to be successful people who will work hard to feed ourselves and those close to us.
  • The Nose – is for breathing and to breathe means to have life. That life however must be lived right to please God who gave it

The minister of God, Eld. Dr. Ken Aboah at the latter part of the sermon said that the head gives beauty to the body. He also encouraged both men and women alike to be functional heads wherever they found themselves adding that by so doing, the blessings of God would be showered on them. He also left the Church with four (4) practices of the Jews which he said would be fruitful if we practiced them ourselves.

  1. Compulsory reading of the Bible to the family (let them know who God is – Deut 6:4).
  2. Speak words of blessings upon their children
  3. Teach their children that all Jews are brothers and help one another
  4. Leave a legacy for their children

Main Scriptural references; Ephesians 5:23, Deuteronomy 28:13


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