Midweek Service – “A Man After God’s Own Heart” BY Elder Ebenezer Asamoah Nyarko


It is that time of the semester when students labour for the coveted 30 marks of a particular course–the mid-semester week. But midway through the week of students’ toil, they still gathered for this service because they wanted to learn something more requisite and that was: How to be Men after God’s own heart.

The speaker who took us through this course was none other than Elder Ebenezer Asamoah Nyarko; the Deputy PEMEM Director of the Church of Pentecost. In light of the discussion, he noted that his use of the noun “man” was generic referring to both sexes. Going back to the days of the Old Testament, he spoke about the history of the Leadership of the Israelites after they had been delivered by God from Egypt.

After settling in the Promised Land, the people of Israel after studying the ways of the neighbouring cities decided they needed a king to rule them. The man God appointed for them was Saul. Saul was the tallest amongst all the men of Israel and had a great personality. But during his kingship, he failed to obey God’s ordinances and words hence God deposed him as recorded in Acts 13:21-22. God then raised a man out of the house of Jesse; David, a man he termed as “one after his own heart” to be king of Israel.

Despite the recorded sins of David, God still claimed David to be one after His own heart because of certain traits he displayed during his lifetime. With these traits the speaker described the characteristics of the man after God’s own heart as one who:

  • Has faith in God (1 Samuel 17:31-37)

Though David was to others a mere shepherd, he was a man who had great faith in God and he opted to challenge Goliath because he had faith in what God could do through him. As God had helped him slay lions and bears while he was a shepherd, David had faith in God and believed God was able.

Hence others may see us as too young and immature to take certain bold actions but we must have faith in God and pursue them.

  • Relies absolutely on God
  • Loves the word of God (Psalm 119:47-48)

Even as David’s delight was in the commandments and the word of God because he loved them we should also love God’s word, delight in it and meditate on it.

  • Is full of thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4, Psalm 26:7)

Just as we would love to listen to one who speaks with appreciative words than a grumbler, so should we come to God with thanksgiving and appreciation like David did.

  • Readily admits his faults and sins, asks for forgiveness and repents of his sins

In 2 Samuel 11:2-5 David commited an adulterous act with Bathsheba, and when he was confronted by Nathan the prophet, he admitted his sin and asked for forgiveness

Like david we must admit our sins and not try to justify them, we must ask for forgiveness and repent of them.

After citing the traits of David that made him “a man after God’s own heart”, Elder Nyarko went on to state some examples of men in the Bible who exhibited additional traits that Men after God’s heart must portray. These men were

  • Job

Despite the fact that Job had it all and was wealthy, he was described by God as one was “Blameless, upright, feared God and shunned evil.” (Job 1:8). Job was a man in whom God prided in and bragged about because he was upright, blameless and shunned evil, the characteristics of a man after God’s heart.

  • Abraham

In James 2:23, Abraham was described as a friend of God. Like a friend knows your likes and dislikes as friends of God, we must know Him and his ways.

  • Jesus Christ

When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, he captivated her and drew her attention to God through their interaction unlike the other men she had encountered in her life. A man after God’s own heart must attract others to God.

Elder Nyarko then asked a thought provoking question as to whether God could call us men in whom he is well pleased as He (God) described Jesus in 2 Peter 1:17

Finally he concluded his message by admonishing us not to fail God as Saul did but to live as Men after God’s own heart.


[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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