Midweek Service – “A life Worthy of The Lord” by Pastor Dr.Joseph Buertey

Our walk with God must be a purposeful one with our focus on who we are and whom we serve (1Peter 2:10). Our walk with God he said, is propelled by two things

1.Faith; to walk in a calculated step with the Spirit.

2.Hope; that when all is said and done we will meet our maker.

God has granted us power which draws us from the world and unto Himself.(John1:12).

Steps In Our Walk With God

*Walk to Christ.

*Walk with the Holy Spirit

*Walk with the church.

*Walk of fruitfulness.

*Walk to glorification.


 Walk With The Spirit

*The Spirit is a manifestation of the power of God. (Acts 10:44)

*The Spirit ties us to God. (Acts 19:2)

*The Spirit gives us illumination into the word of God.

* The spirit serves as a seal which brands us as belonging to God.

*He intercedes  on our behalf.

The preacher further threw light on the Spirit helping us to understand that we have the same old body but with a new Spirit dwelling in us and that the new Spirit is at war with the old spirit (fleshly desires). We therefore should not give the flesh chance to prevail.”We have newness of Spirit, not newness of body” Jn16:7

Regeneration is not instantaneous but rather continuous. We therefore have to make a deliberate effort to walk in step with the Spirit after receiving our salvation.

The Spirit gives us a supernatural experience which makes our walk with Him a Spiritual one. (Donum Superladitum).


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