Leavers Day – “Go light your World” BY Pastor Isaac Osei

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for
me the crown of righteousness”. This and more were the mantras for the day as leavers told the whole
church of their experiences and accomplishments throughout their years on campus, of which God
always led them through.

The service went on with the finalists speaking to the church in drama and also testimonies. They displayed their dancing skill in a wild choreography. The finalists topped it all off by presenting their legacy to the church.

But that was at all for the day, the church was privileged to be ministered unto by Pastor Isaac Osei. He ministered  on the topic “Go light your world” – Philippians 2:15.

Pastor Osei PENSA - KNUST

Lessons from the topic:

It takes a conscious effort and determination to grow into Christ!

One can excel in the knowledge of God when God has excelled in the knowledge of that person; God reveals himself to those who know Him and He also knows. This happens when we go through the levels of consecration.

Life is full of hurdles and so it is required of us to yield entirely to God in order to attain positive results.

 When God is blessing your neighbour then God is in the neighbourhood. Prepare for your portion! (Ephesians 5:8, John 8:12-16 and Matthew 5:16)

The light of the world is Jesus and that as He lives in and among us, it is incumbent on us to expose that light to the world for the Kingdom of God to expand. Darkness will always be in existence but the antidote would be the degree of light one has.

There are different types of world. Cosmos is the entire created universe, both seen and unseen and Habitable is the dwelling of other creatures. However, the Biblical definition of “the world” is a system with the fleeting desire of riches. He elaborated on three key ways through which one can light the world.

  • One must have light in order to be able to give out light. (Psalms 36:9)
  • Developing one’s Spirit Being. (Proverbs 20:1-30)
  • More of The Word is equivalent to more light. (Psalm 119:130)

In conclusion, one must acquire all the three aspects of revelation of the Word of God in
order to fully light the world.

First is Graphe, which is the written form of the word of God (both the old and new testaments) (2 Peter 1:20). It is essential but not enough for victorious Christian living.

Secondly, the Logos, which refers to the active message the Graphe carries. (John 1.14). Graphe is a passive message while the Logos is the active message. (Heb 10.7)

The third, Rhema, is the declaration of the Holy Spirit concerning a situation.

Christ In You!!!

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