Ladies Wing Half Night – “Ladies taking territories on our knees” BY Mrs. Joanna Wood

Being the second program of ladies wing for the semester and a half night as well saw in attendance 360 members of which 276 were precious pearls and 84 were faithful gentlemen. The night was packed as ministrations and testimonies followed as suit when the floor was opened for them.


Ministering on the topic; “Ladies taking territories on our knees”, Mrs. Joanna Wood, the Speaker sited some ladies who took territories on their knees, of which Hannah and Leah were of good examples. Hannah a woman who knew the grace and power of prayer and Leah who turned her frustrations into prayer. Reading from 1 Samuel 1:9-20, she elaborated on the story of Hannah, her inability to give birth and the challenges she as a married woman had to face from family and friends. Admonishing Hannah as a virtuous woman, a woman with a goal and always trusting God for the best, she mentioned the fact that as Christian ladies we ought to have a desire and therefore work towards it, neglecting all other challenges and trails that set as territories to be conquered by us.


Continuing she said territories come in diverse ways, can be in relation to our relatives and friends, who influence or corrupt our thoughts on decisions we make in life. Comparing Hannah to Rachel who also had to face a territory of pain and disgrace due to her bareness, got to the point of preferring death to living. However she said that should not be our stand in such matters but rather overcoming them. She  stated that what we sometimes expect from God is that which He has already graced our lives , but it’s left to us to fully acknowledge  and accept it ( Jeremiah 17:5-8). There are so many things God expects from us, she said, some of which is to cultivate a daily prayer and fellowship with Him and also we having the ability to live right in His presence.


She explained that territories are not taken on a silver platter but rather we being on our knees in continual prayer and petition to God and opening wide our hearts also to receive from Him (2 Corinthians 6:13b). Luke 22:41-44 and John 11:21-24, 32-35 teaches us of ways in taking territories, which is us being submissive to God in other for Him to take action.

Some faithful gentlemen at the Ladies Wing Half Night


In conclusion, she made mention of God’s love for us and the depth to which He holds on to that love,hence His protection for us each and every day.

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