Becoming the loving wife and mum concerned about the nutritional life of your family. Being capable of feeding your loved ones and visitors with delicious healthy “mama’s special treats” and the satisfaction of watching your family say ‘Mummy is the best cook in the world!’ As a true virtuous woman, you should be able to keep the home and have some domestic skills such as cooking. Don’t be satisfied with being a beautiful career woman with good manners.

Give yourself the satisfaction and pleasant feeling of watching your loved ones eat your food happily and joyfully whilst singing your praises.



Fresh pineapple

Fresh strawberries

Seedless grapes



1/ quarter cups milk

1/2 cup sour cream

8 oz. Crushed pineapple

1 package instant banana cream pudding dry.


1. Layer fruit in a large bowl or cup.

2. For the topping, whisk all ingredients together until well combined. Spread over the top of layered fruit

3. Arrange any extra fruit on top for a pretty presentation.

4. Served chilled.