Holy Ghost Convention, Day 2 – “The Latter Rain” by Aps. Joseph Assabil

 “Esse Quam Videri.”

To be ,rather than to seem.

Be Genuine!!!!. These were the apt yet profound words of Apostle Assabil on day 2 of the Holy Ghost Convention. The man of God challenged the young people of PENSA KNUST to be real and genuine Christians. Our service to God should be based on lines of sincerity rather than bothering on religiosity. The speaker admonished each and every individual to run their race personally without looking at the next person. We might be members of one family, but our salvation sure remains personal. The main Bible reading was Joel 2:23, 28-32 and the speaker established some truths with this scripture.

Apostle Assabil gave unto the church some basic lessons in theology. He spoke about the fact that for individuals to be able to understand scripture, they need to understand the background of the situation. He infers from the epistles written by Paul as those that were tailored for the situations that were happening at the time. And so not everything in scripture is meant for everyone.  The beginning scripture of Joel 2 talks about the prophecy on the land. The scripture further described the promise of God to return to save His people if they should repent. Again, the promise of rain in the scripture was a direct answer for the squalor the people were going through. The message detoured a bit into the rainy seasons at the time and their symbolic representations.

  • The Early Rain; Occurs around October and it comes immediately after the planting of crops for moisture. Bible scholars interpret the early rains as a representation of the day of Pentecost; The Holy Spirit falling on the disciples.

The speaker delved deeper into the issue of symbols by giving certain instances . He asserted that the use of incense in the old testament was a form of worship to the lord. But in our time, the worship of true believers is the “incense” that rises up to God. And so, God calls the Israelites, ” copies of the eternal truth”. All things that  happened in Israel( building of the temple etc.) were ‘copies’ of that which is in Heaven.

Thus, the interpretation of the Old Testament is manifested in the new testament.

  • The latter Rain; Experienced between March and April. What it does is to aid in the ripening of crops and to usher in the harvesting of crops. Whenever it came, the people were sure they would have good crops. ( Jeremiah 5:24, Hosea 6:3, Zechariah 10:1, Deuteronomy 11:13-14, James 5:7). The Latter Rain speaks of the Promise of the Holy Spirit. And so, if the rain comes in to usher new crops, the coming of the Holy Spirit leads to a mighty harvest that precedes the coming of the Lord.

The speaker went on to speak of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. He spoke of the promise Jesus himself made to his disciples about the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus needed to go, yet the project he had started needed continuation. The Lord Jesus tells his disciples that he leaves them not as orphans, but will send them a counselor when he leaves.( John 14:15-19). An orphan, according to the speaker is someone who is bereft at an age where parental guidance is needed. The Holy Spirit lives in us not only for the speaking of tongues, but for purposes such as being a counselor to us. We need the spirit that we may not be spiritual orphans.

The speaker made some profound declarations that are worth mentioning. They are as follows;

  • The Inheritance God has given us in Christ is incomparable!!
  • It is simply GRACE that continues to sustain us.
  • We ought to serve God, not do religious work!!.
  • Seek God, stay in your lane.
  • The Holy Spirit is a person who comes to do something not just give “gifts”.
  • Our worth is not in the cars we sit, but in the blood that bought us.



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