Holy Ghost Convention (Day 2) – “Let The Fire Fall” by Ps. Philip Pascal Asiedu

The second day of the Holy Ghost convention was steered by Pastor Pascal Asiedu on the 2nd of May, 2019 at the PENSA building site. It was a continuation of the previous day’s ministration. The ministration was preceded by a wonderful holy ghost prayer session.

From Joel chapter two, we understand that rain signifies the visitation of God in the midst of His people. It establishes God’s Holiness and the name of the Lord alone created fear among the people. God’s Holiness is consuming and He desires fellowship with us. The moment you get close to God, you cannot remain a spectator, a change definitely happens. You become a carrier of the fire. When making a sacrifice, the high priest places you, that is the sacrifice, on the altar, and so when you willingly surrender it is only God who places you on the altar.

One way to establish if a fire is going to burn is that when you offer a sacrifice on the holy altar, something comes out of you and as it touches the coal it produces a blazing fire. When you lose your fire, you have lost touch with God and you become ordinary. Before any rain will come, there must be a sound and rain is preceded by wind. [1Kings 18:41 and Proverbs 25:2]. Rain could be literal or metaphorical.[Joel 2:23-27.] After the outpouring, there is manifestation of the spirit. In Acts 2:1-3, the coming of the Holy Spirit was preceded by a sound like a mighty rushing wind. Don’t take anything in scripture for granted, the man of God warned.

 You are a carrier of God therefore, you are powerful. In times of need go to the source, your Father. The spirit of God resides in you, therefore you search all things, even the deep things of God. The expression the believers had on the day of Pentecost shows that the disciples were in earnest expectation.Expectation is the breeding ground for unprecedented miracles. The sound of the high priest’s movement assured the people that he was alive and their sacrifice will be accepted.[Exodus 28 and 38]. Before he went in, they had to read all the laws of the land to him to make sure he has not faltered lest he dies.

 Our high priest Jesus when he resurrected was in a new apparel. When Jesus revealed himself to Mary Magdalene, she rushed to touch him but he commanded her to touch him not and this was to preserve the sacrifice that is himself from blemish. The coming of the Holy Spirit marked Jesus’ finished sacrifice. When God visited the people of Israel he descended with visible tokens of fire with a roaring sound and a shaking of the earth. [Exodus 16,17 and 19]. Mount Sinai was engulfed in smoke and trembled violently because of the presence of God.

Maturity is measured by one’s speech, actions and thinking. God is our source of all things be it power, life, fire, wisdom, knowledge or beauty. As soon as you receive the fire it is evidenced by the speaking in tongues. The sound of rain is the announcing of a new experience and the wind is a symbol that the children of God who are full of the spirit cannot be stopped because you cannot tell where the wind is coming from or going. These things characterise the new generation of fire filled Christians. May we not be exempt from this wonderful movement and call! Immerse yourself fully in the fire and let God roast you on the holy altar till you reach perfection. God bless you. 


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