Holy Ghost Convention, Day 1 – “The Latter Rain” by Aps. Joseph Assabil

Yesterday, Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017, marked the commencement of the three (3) day Holy Ghost Convention for the church, on the theme: “The Latter Rain”. We were blessed by the ministration of Aps. Joseph Assabil, an executive member for the Church of Pentecost. He ministered on the topic: “The Holy Spirit” (Joel 2:23-32).

He introduced his sermon by cautioning congregants to be mindful of verifying the scriptures any minister quotes when preaching as it is full proof that the sermon is not from their imagination. He enlightened the church on the personality of the Holy Spirit where he said, if we can understand the relief and terrain of the Holy Spirit, then we can develop the right attitudes towards him, adding that there was the need to also revere the Holy Spirit as He will fill us when we hunger and thirst for him. Unlike the devil, God does not coerce us to serve him, rather, he expects us to serve him because we love him and do it out of our will.

The minister, Aps. Joseph Assabil, elaborated on the personality of the Holy Spirit in various dispensations which also established the trinity. God the father from the Old testament dispensation, the God the son from the New Testament, specifically the Gospels, and God, the Holy Ghost at the dispensation of the Apostles and the early church (Acts and other letters of the first apostles). He however, critiqued the attitude of contemporary Christians towards the Holy Spirit.  Our attitude towards the Holy Spirit is slightly different from how we relate to the father and the son, adding that we appeal more to the son – Jesus – because we have read stories about him from the Bible which is a proof that he had a physical form. People have also reduced the personality of Jesus to paintings and symbols which limits our spiritual sense of knowing Him entirely. Because we do not see the Holy Spirit, we treat Him as though he were not present.

The minister, Aps. Assabil who was also the longest serving secretary to the secretary of the Church of Pentecost, reminded the church of how important it was to look for the person of the Holy Ghost than for his power. We have exalted the gifts of the Holy Spirit than the giver – Holy Spirit. Jesus did not promise us the “gifts” of the Holy Spirit, rather he promised us the “Gift” of the Holy Spirit. He however added that, because the Holy Spirit has no physical form, we find it difficult to believe and comprehend him. He is not just a power but a God we can relate with.

At the latter parts of the sermon, the Aps. Joseph Assabil gave some features of the Holy Spirit:

  • He is not an experience but eternal. Heb 9:14
  • He is omnipotent
  • He is omniscience (all knowing) 1 Cor 2:10-14, Is 40:13. He knows ahead of time and into time.
  • He is omnipresent, i.e. He is everywhere and if we want a manifestation of him, we gather together and create an atmosphere that welcomes him. Ps 139:7-10, Matt 18:20
  • He is sovereign. i.e. he is complete Lord. Has power to dictate and command as he wills. 2 Cor 3:17, Acts 13:2-4

The Aps. Joseph Asabil concluded by saying that, if we can treasure who the Holy Spirit is – his personality, then we can treasure the things he gives to us.


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