Fundraising Launch – “My Love Offering” BY Elder Dr. Boakye Boadu


On Wednesday 21st September, 2016, PENSA-KNUST made a pact to give generously unto God by launching Fundraising 2016. It was dubbed, “My Love Offering”. Hank Rasso said, “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving” and this is exactly what PENSA-KNUST teaches its members.

The church was honored to be ministered unto by Elder Dr. Boakye Boadu, a former Music & Drama Head for PENSA-KNUST. He spoke on the theme for the occasion, “My Love Offering”. He started by quickly diving into what love is and what it involves. He made the church understand that love is not just about professing, and that “love speaks louder than words”. Love, therefore, is a continuous commitment that involves sacrifice.


Taking a quick look at Ephesians 5:1-2, he encouraged the church to imitate God’s life of love and also said that Christ gave himself into us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice unto God.

Elder Boadu admonished the church to take note of two things concerning giving a love offering:

  1. We don’t need a perfect pocket to show love. He added that, “love does not necessarily flow in the direction of abundance” which is why our love offering is not based on whether we have in abundance or not. That is why we must not relent in giving, thinking it is not enough. The only important factor is for us to give out of true love.
  1. Don’t miss any time of sacrifice.


Taking reference from 1 Kings 18, the preacher drew the attention of the whole gathering to the fact that Elijah was very strategic in his dealing with the sacrifice. In that, he beckoned on the prophets of Baal to stop calling on their gods exactly when it was time for the evening sacrifice.

At the time of sacrifice, we must give our all to God so that He would use us. He finally admonished the church to allow God to have His way in our lives.

After the inspiring sermon, members of PENSA-KNUST quickly rushed to give a “warming-up” of their offering into the Lord, earnestly awaiting the “big match” on 9th October.

Fundraising Committee Members ready for the launch…

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