Fundraising 2016 – “My Love Offering” BY Mr. Agyanim Boateng

The 9th of October, 2016 was a very wonderful Fund Raising Sunday, with some surprise packages as directed by the move of God. The first one was a long break of power problem, which caused the church to “while away” the time singing songs of praises. To the amazement of all, this rather turned out intensifying the Spirit of God upon the whole gathering. It was so amazing! Secondly, in God’s own wisdom, the intended preacher (Elder Peter Tobbin) had some duties to see to, making way for another powerful man of God Mr. Agyanim Boateng to walk in his shoes.


Beginning the sermon, Mr Agyanim Boateng came out boldly with his first statement, with which he established that the physical realm is, in actual fact, the last realm of any manifestation. Therefore, in order to cause any change in the spiritual, we need to move things in place from the realm of the spirit. The main scripture texts he used were Ephesians 5:1-2, 1 Corinthians 13:1-4 and 1 Chronicles 29:1-10.

The theme for the day was “My Love Offering”, as the whole of PENSA came prepared to offer unto God. The man of God began dealing with the theme by vividly reminding the church about the faithfulness of God. Sharing his own experiences, he mentioned how he had witnessed God’s blessings upon alumni of PENSA and reassured the church that God will surely reward us for our efforts.

With reference from Ephesians 5:1-2, the preacher continued to admonish that we be imitators of God and that the man that compares himself with himself is not wise. In this regard, we must remember how God showed the greatest form of love by sacrificing a deity for mankind (1 John 4:8-12). We need to therefore ensure that our offerings serve as sweet fragrance to God. A case in point of this is how Noah gave a burnt offering to God, with the smoke moving up as a sweet fragrance unto God.


Then also, we need to know that love is demanding. That is why love and giving always go hand-in-hand. However, this is only genuine when the giving is inspired by the love. As Satan did to Jesus, there are instances when he tries to trick people by enticing them with things which are actually baits. This suggests that giving can be done without love.

For this reason, we must ensure that everything we do for God, including our act of giving, is always motivated by the love we have for Him. As the Bible admonishes, one of the most important things we must offer as a reasonable service is our bodies as living sacrifices.


In the true act of giving out of love, let us acknowledge that God is the real owner of everything that we have from the depths of our hearts. We must not necessarily give with the intention of being blessed, but just out of the love we have for God.

This was how Mr Agyanim concluded the sermon before leading the church through a time of offering, under a thick atmosphere of love for God.


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