Farewell Message From PENSA – KNUST to The Vice Chancellor
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Eyes have seen, ears have heard &hearts of men testify that a man as such is uncommon to find. PENSA-KNUST appreciates a father while KNUST sings farewell melody to a hero. It is not our aim to flatter, but with sincerity of heart we know you deserve better. You never forgot your duty as a Christian even amidst your busy schedules. If coinage is accepted, we would interpret VC as Very Committed.We are appreciative for the best support you gave to PENSA, making us feel that truely the head of KNUST is our father. Words of men can go further, but the true blessedness from above shall serve you better.
Our sincerest accolades are directed to you today. Its our regret that time lapses too soon but only God knows the extent of brightness of a new moon.
Your consciousness to please Christ even in your administration is highly unfathomable. It’s evident that Good men are Godly men.
When your name is mentioned anywhere, men shall not remember you just as VC, but also as mighty man of valour.
May you continue to farewell in God, for He shall be your welfare.