Evangelism Week – “Fulfilling The Great Commission” BY Mr. Andrew Opoku Antwi

On the 5th of October 2016 which happens to be an Evangelism Week, Pensa-KNUST were honored to be ministered unto by Mr. Andrew Opoku  Antwi,the Assistant Evangelism Secretary.

The sermon was preceded by a compelling song by the speaker:


Wonderful Love Jesus has shown me

He died for me

To set me free

Wonderful love he has shown to me…

The  theme for the evangelism week is “Fulfilling the great commission” , all the same the minister of God spoke on the subtopic ” Preaching the gospel; a must for every believer”.


He started his sermon by making a robust statement that the week is for the Lord’s business. And that it is our obligation as a church to move out of our comfort zone and spread the gospel, henceforth in fulfilling the great commission, evangelism should not be shifted to a particular group of people.

His scripture references were taken from,

Psalm 11:13, Matthew 19:27-30, John 16, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 and1 Chronicles 12:38

“Evangelism is one of the few things that when a believer partakes in , heaven acknowledges him/her as wise” he said.

It  is also one of the few things that when you partake in , your reward is not only in heaven but here on planet earth as well, to which he cited himself as a beneficiary.


He also stated that, the joy that comes with evangelism is inexplicable. There is a lot of joy when you return from an evangelism exercise.

He also mentioned some reasons why Christians need to evangelize.

1.It offers divine protection. (Acts 18)

  1. There is manifestation of your gifting. That is, evangelism is one of the easy ways to identify your gifting and operate in it .

He moved on to enlighten believers that, their Salvation and righteousness is not something they have earned but it was given to them by God, through Christ’s death and resurrection therefore we love through Him.


As Paul said in  Galatians 2:20(NIV); that I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

He also stressed on the fact that the gospel is the sum total of the saving knowledge that God communicated to humanity that they didn’t understand.

According to Mr Opoku Antwi, there are 3 primary things every believer should know about the gospel. They are

  1. The death of Christ
  2. Christ’s resurrection
  3. The 2nd coming of Christ.

He adroitly exclaimed that the gospel is a simple message but powerful and precise. He shared a story of how a lady who was a drunkard got saved by hearing these simple words “Jesus loves you”. He admonished the church that evangelism goes on till Christ comes.

He revealed to the congregation gathered , that the words  “Great Commission”cannot befound anywhere in the original scriptures. He noted that it was coined by a Lutheran missionary Justinian von Welz (1621-1688) , but Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) popularized it.

He continued by saying the word is not important but the commission or condition in which it mandates a person. The reason why it is “Great” is because, it comes from a great God .


The fundamental reason why ministers preach the gospel is because , It is a commandment from God. The word “preach” in itself is in three folds;

  1. Preaching by words. Many times believers are confronted with a problem of language barriers , but that shouldn’t limit you to spread the gospel
  2. Preaching by your lifestyle. Believers are the aroma of Christ, therefore unbelievers must see and smell Christ in us.
  3. Preaching by signs and wonders. It shouldn’t be a believer’s nightmare to heal somebody or cast out devils. But rather a believer should understand, it’s God’s business to perform signs and wonders.

He cautioned the church to speak the Gospel irrespective, because the days are evil. As believers we are Stewards and that God will never let His words fail. He will convict every soul you speak to.

His final words were, “May God help us in fulfilling the great commission.” Amen .

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