Evangelism is the heart beat of God

evangelism week

Evangelism is the heart beat of God. It is not meant for a particular group of people. As you proclaim the spirit of God  in you, you can draw people to Christ.

Today’s mid week service marks the beginning of our evangelism week.Service was indeed mentally stimulating  as we underwent training on how to evangelize as a Christian. Service was handed entirely by the evangelism committee.

They began by charging the atmosphere with one powerful evangelism song of old entitled  “Meko Jesus Ho”which literally means ” Unto Jesus I will go , I will swiftly go to Him, He has life , he will freely give.

On the hand hand, the leader on the evangelism team announced to the Church about the upcoming Village  Crusade dubbed “The Perfect Rest Crusade”.He gave a short sermon supporting it with scriptures from Hebrews 3:15 , Matthew 11:27 kjv.

In one sentence, he alerted the church that” The sinner is  always conscious of his  sins , what they need is  Jesus Christ. Elder Max Acheampong, the evangelism secretary was also called on to coordinate the discussion and training. This was in two parts. The first part covered the digital form where members were entreated to watch a concise movie on evangelism labelled “John 3:16”.

The second part was done the manual way were the committee members in pairs, took sections of the congregation through”  Personal Approach To Evangelism” what the call the, one -to-one evangelism.

Members were made to understand that if your message is not backed by the Holy Spirit and not done the right way,your message would be inefficient. Gospel tracts can also facilitate in this form of evangelism. One can go through with them thoroughly and get the one you are evangelizing to ,to understand.

One can also evangelize through their own personal testimony. This can be done in two folds. You can tell them your own personal testimony about Jesus Christ, where as your action and in action can serve as a testimony to others. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 , Paul said to the churches “Be imitators of me as I am of Christ.

Another way you can evangelize to an unbeliever is by building a personal rapport with them. An evangelist has to be creative just like Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. Before one goes forth to evangelize preparation must start from yourself. That is one has to work on himself very well.

Things to avoid when Evangelizing
Never begin with the question, ‘Are you a Christian”. The word must come first . The main motive about evangelism is to draw people to Christ. Eliminate all forms of fear.

Finally, there should be an intensive follow up. The work of an evangelist is to nurture souls until they bear fruits.

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