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The Editorial and Literature Committee of PENSA-KNUST like the government has various organs or arms that work together performing different tasks within the committee. These arms are the Publicity and Prayer wing, the Library and Welfare wing and finally, the Editorials and Secretarial wing.[spacer height=”10px”]
The publicity and the prayer wing
The publicity and prayer wing of the Editorial Come includes all members of the committee.The wing publicizes all the activities of the group (PENSA-KNUST) as a whole. Various avenues are employed to relay information to members. These include megaphone announcements, hanging of banners, distribution of flyers, posting of bills and postmitteers.The wing also organizes prayer meetings for the committee.
The library and welfare wing
The library and welfare wing of the committee acquires Christian, inspirational and motivational literature for sale and lending to members of PENSA-KNUST. We have in stock interesting books from seasoned writers like Rev. Eastwood Anaba, Morris Cerullo and many more. We also have in stock archives of PENSA-KNUST (pictures, magazines, etc.)The wing also addresses the welfare needs of the committee members through visitations which offer members the platform to share their problems. We also have family meetings; special gatherings where we “break bread in fellowship” among other fun-packed activities which strengthen the cordial relationships among members.[spacer height=”10px”]
The editorials and secretarial wing
The Editorials and Secretarial wing of the committee as the name suggests is concerned with all reports, editorials and publications of the committee and the church. It is from here that all materials for publications such as the ‘Pillar of Truth’, ‘The Perfect Pathway’ and others are collected, edited and presented.We collect articles, poems, inspirational messages, jokes and many more from members, edit them and present them for the edification of the church. This arm of the Editorial and Literature Committee is the powerhouse of all written works of the church.