Doctrinal Block – “Sound Doctrine” BY Apostle M.C. Asiedu

Amidst calibers of dignitaries from the main church of Pentecost and a filled auditorium, Sunday, the 13th of November, 2016 was another extraordinary encounter with the Lord. It all kick-started with an intriguing introduction of the speaker by the President of the house, who asked the gathering to let their hearts be at peace for the word.


The minister for the day was Apostle MC Asiedu, who has served in the ministry for 27 years, having started the Christian journey 41 years ago. To sum it up, he is a father of 4 amazing professionals. After climbing the podium to minister on the topic: “Sound Doctrine”, the man of God started with an important question: “Why is this topic very important?” In answer to this, he shared a sensitive experience he had in his early life as a Christian. It took a direct intervention of God to redeem him from losing the right way, after he was swayed by a non-Pentecostal tract he read.


Christianity is goal-oriented. And the goal is grow into the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:1-14). But one of the things that disturb this process is false doctrine. Gratefully, however, sound doctrine enhances it. Today, false doctrine is very common and it is because the end time is near (Timothy 4:1-5).

So what is a doctrine? A doctrine is any set of ideas that are taught and believed by a group of people. Biblical doctrines are therefore the teachings that align with revelations in the word of God. Meaning the Bible is the foundation. For this reason, a doctrine must not be drawn from just a single text in the Bible. Instead, it must agree with other scriptures. With this understanding, what is Sound doctrine? The term originates from the Greek word “hygiano” which means health-giving.


Sound doctrine therefore makes a believer grow healthily into the likeness of Christ. These are the words preached by Jesus, the apostles, and Apostle Paul. (2 Timothy 1:13), (2 Timothy 3:16-17), (Romans 5:1-5) False doctrine on the other hand adds, takes away from, contradicts or nullifies these fundamental doctrines in the Bible.

One of the surest ways to identify it is when there is a misinterpretation of the person of Jesus. Jesus is a deity, he is sinless and he is the savior. We must be watchful because false doctrine has its own gospel, and anyone who follows them becomes accursed. Another sign of false doctrines is when the lives of the followers of those doctrines are not Christ-like. Most of them are only money-focused.


On the Ghanaian landscape, some common instances are:

  • Merging all sorts of abstract religious beliefs into one
  • Overly dependence on miracles at the expense of salvational message.
  • The success-without-righteousness syndrome.
  • Vindictive prayers
  • “Synagogues of Satan” who lack the genuine presence of God, lack salvation and where the truth is not preached.
  • Redefinition of Jesus
  • Personality cult


Some dangers of False Doctrine are:

  1. They make you shipwreck your faith
  2. Bring confusion in your mind
  3. Make you undergo spiritual abortion.

False doctrine is also a strategy of Satan against the church to:

  • Divert the focus
  • Create division
  • Lessen affection for one another

Why Sound Doctrine is so important

  • Your doctrines become your conduct (1 John 3:3)
  • Our faith is based on a specific message
  • What we believe affects what we do
  • It is how we get to know what is falsehood
  • It always leads to life
  • It encourages believers
  • There is the need to preserve what has been entrusted to us.

May the Lord bless us in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

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