Day 2 – “HOLY GHOST CONVENTION” BY Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron

As the second day of the powerful Holy Ghost Convention under the theme “Move of the Spirit”, Aps. David Nyansah Hayfron led the church through a befitting continuation of the midweek service the day before.


By way of beginning, he strongly established, drawing reference from John 14:16 that the Holy Spirit s here to help us to the works of God. This includes healing, deliverance and the like. Therefore, unless it is linked to the total manifestation of the Spirit in our environment, it would be meaningless that we have the Spirit working in us.

The human spirit is just like a template that God gave us to be able to relate with Him. For that matter, just as a magnetic material can attract other magnetic materials when it is in contact with a magnet, we must maintain a strong connection with God. That way, we would be recharged everyday and the move of God will be fully evident in our lives. This means we must always be on the guard against sin, as it greatly hinders our connection with God.

As black young Africans, it is evident that God wants to unite us again and let His move be felt among us. from Zephaniah 3:9-10 and Acts 2:1, it is clear that Pentecost is a reversal of Babel and God wants us to experience the Pentecost. This is amazing for us, because tracing through the sands of history, wherever the move of God is, there is an accompaniment of socio-economic breakthroughs.

For this to happen however, we must be genuine. We must worship God in real truth so that our “outward conformity will not be without an inner consistency”.

Now, let us look at the three things that happen when the Spirit moves:

  1. People are empowered to fulfill their God-given assignments. (Judges 3:10)

This means that in all our trying experiences where we are tempted to ask “how can this be?” we shall be empowered to make exploits when the move of God comes. Much as Jesus needed to be anointed with the Holy Ghost in Acts 10:38, we cannot perform without the involvement of the Spirit of God.

  1. There are healings and miracles everywhere.

These accounts can be seen in Acts 5:12-15, Acts 9:33-34, Acts 19:11, Acts 17:6, and more. They show how the Apostles performed many wonders and how Paul did extraordinary miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.

  1. There is opposition and resistance.

When the Spirit of the Almighty moves in us, our deeds begin to provoke satan and He opposes us in every way he can. A case in point of this is seen in Acts 16:16. However, as children of God, there is good news for us, as we can confidently lean on the words in Romans 8:31-39.

God bless His word!

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