Day 1 – “HOLY GHOST CONVENTION” BY Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron

This was one of the days you wouldn’t want to miss church for anything. A time of glory and a move of the Holy Spirit summed up what was only the beginning of the the week’s Holy Ghost Convention with much anticipation to what the other days had in stock for the church after a glorious service. Gracing the occasion and speaking to the church was Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron the Youth Director of the Church Of Pentecost. He begun the sermon where he made the point that the only limiting factor to the Christ in you being the hope of glory is the “you” since that can be the only blockade in manifesting the glory. However he continued by saying God has enough power to lift you up and refine you.


In the continuation of the sermon he said that once you are able to fit into the move of God the only thing or prescription God gives you is this that word “Pentecost” where he said emphatically that “Pentecost” is a movement not an association. A movement of fireworks and action with the Holy Spirit being the driver, since direction precedes action was the message the man of God put across. He made two interesting statements about the Holy Spirit where he said that the Holy Spirit is:


• International Missions Director (IMD) since He knows our needs and can connect our resources to our needs.

• Minister of Energy and Power in the triune cabinet since it is He that generates and brings down the power.

He continued by saying that 4 times in the book of Acts the Holy Ghost spoke and moved where he cited the following scriptures as support to the fact:


• Acts 8:29, Acts 10:19-20, 11:12, Acts 13:12, and Acts 21:11.
He said that in the entire instances if the Holy Spirit had not moved there would have been a lot of chaos and misdirection in the course of these lives. In all this he said that it is the Holy Spirit who alone knows the mind of God thus he knows more than we know and therefore we should listen to Him. Moving on with the ministration he moved on to the book of Zechariah 4:6 where he did a lot of demonstration and analogy. He said as written in the text that it is not by power or might but by the awesome power of the Holy Spirit where he made another interesting point that where the child of God loses touch with the Holy Spirit he turns out to be “a monster or different organism”.


Getting to the climax of the ministrations he went on to talk about two persons in the book of Zechariah where he likened it to 2 categories of people in the church.

1. Joshua Category: This is where God provided for Joshua a new garment after the devil was accusing him of wearing a dirty cloth since he was the priest of the land. Here he said that God forgives and heals us no matter what stain is on our garment but urged us to follow the ways of God after he has showed us this great grace and mercy.

2. Zerubbabel Category: This is where he said that Zerubbabel needed encouragement thus some category in the church also needed encouragement to keep them and move them in life.
After much exposition he said that we should not despise the day of small beginning’s but all that one should do is to connect to the right source which is God then from there He takes over since it is not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.


He ended the sermon after which he led the church in a time of prayer where he ministered the spirit to individuals and the church as a whole in what was indeed a move of the Holy Spirit setting the mark and pace ready for the rest of the days.



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